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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat protect spells? 1

Other Help Answers
How can I tell what my adventurer will look like with armor? 0
16 Adventurers only? Can I dismiss some?? 2
Can i build a lookout in the lookout tower? (poosible spoiler)(very early in the game) 1
Expanding the Castle? 1
How do you get high leveled adventurers interested in low leveled behests? 2
Is a Town Behet meant to give an adventurer a Medal? 3
Is it possible.....? 2
Please someone help? 2
What are the requirements for an SSS rating? 3
What is the "buy downlodable content"? 1
Will some one help me with my thevies? 1
About Parties? 1
About Selkies....? 1
Can I get other races?(before answering read my question) 2
Do citizens age/grow up? 1
Do you actually fight? 1
Do you fight? 2
Does the Item Shop actually find new dungeons? 1
How can make stores sell all thhngs without having to build more stores of same type, etc? 1
How do I create a party? 1
How do i destroy existing buildings/houses/structures? 1
How do you.....? 3
How does the "Gender Roll" work? 1
How many adventures can i have? 3
How many save files can I have? 1
How will I know if I've found a shortcut? 3
I have to download this game for my wii ??? 1
Is there a day limit? 1
Leveling character help? 1
New Game+? 1
One party is always full of wimps on Hard mode. Why? 1
Recruits have stopped coming to the Castle for hire? 2
Saved Data? 2
What does the stopwatch icon above adventurers' heads mean? 2
What dose develeping the kingdom do?/How do i develop it fully? 2
when can I see chime's room? 2
Why can't the first Antidote Ingredients behest open up? 1

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