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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find 2 star wings, and 3 star jump feet ?

Im looking everywhere but I can't find anything, can sombody help me?

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The highest jump is double jump But for the wings im lost i beat the combat master and didnt get the wings so ur on ur own

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You can get wings at different places. but not the first place (mushroom valley.) To get 2 star wings go hit the Sage until he fights you. He will try giving you a fruit but just keep hitting him. Once you beat him he'll give you wings. =]

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First bailey, they get you one star or none. Second, i don't know but im pretty sure you have to beat yeti at a battle, which is extremely hard, but its worth it!

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The previous comment is incorrect. That was my brother. Now there are now three star jump feet. To get two star wing you must do the free the yeti and cheer him up, then you must beat sing and dance master (you may not have to beat singg and dance master), then go to the entrance to mushroom valley, at the foot of the hill MeeJee will be there. Kick him until he fights, beat him and you get two star wings. Sorry about the other comment. You don't have to fight the yeti. :)

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I meant one star wings not two star. To get two star wings you need to get the fourth part of the idol to get eagle wings by destroying all of the red meteors in moonlit caverns or you have to beat someone in creature beach.

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