Question from Speedycool32

Where do you make characters?

I want to make a Lego hero sooooooooooo bad!
Please help!

Accepted Answer

TheBoxinator answered:

When you beat one full chapter you can go to Arkham Asylum. Go right from the main area and follow the hallway. At the end there will be two doors. Go through the one on top and follow that hallway until you come to a door. Walk through it and step on the green floor in front of the hanging characters. You can now customize them!
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VGamer12 answered:

To create a character all you have to do is start at the batcave,go to the computer where you can buy things,if you go back and fall to the floor underneath youll fid a floating batman and robin suit, pull down the lever at the side of them and create your two people! :]
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