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What's the point of befriending cats? 3
I have beat Shin...and now? 1
Where is the ??? (last memroy item I need) 1
The White Cat? 1
How do I use healing candy and the lunches??? 1
Finding Ren? 1
Special Flashlight... Japanese? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 7
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Ren's Moon Song Japanese Lyrics? 0
How do I beat the giggling leg ghosts? 2
Hotel way to go? 1
Where can I findThird bag extension? 2
Dose anyone know where the last few items are? 3
Help!! One item still missing! Where is it? 1
Where are the last few items? 1
Where is the Withered Plant? 1
When i break my sword how do i get another one? 3
When i buy an item from the chiken guy how do i upload it? 3
  • Total Open Questions: 11

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