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                    Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

                               Walkthrough by MJ


- Updates

- Controls

- Menus

- Story

- Walkthrough

- Items

- Weapons

Updates: - 4/12 - FAQ complete

| Controls /

Nunchuck: Stick: For movement
          C    : Crouch

Wiimote:  D-pad - Up:    Equipment select menu
                  Down:  Map
                  Left:  Character Stats
                  Right: Inventory menu

          A : Attack / Examine environment / Select equipment / Open doors
          B : Zoom in game / Exit menu's
          - : Zoom in on menu screens
          + : Zoom out on menu screens / Skip cutscenes

| Menus /

-- Briefcase --

Briefcase keeps items and memory items you find. You find all items here that
aren't in your active inventory. To put something in the briefcase you have to
be at a bonfire. Select Handbook and open your inventory and drag the item on
the briefcase icon. To retrieve something from your briefcase you have to be at
a bonfire too. Select Handbook from the bonfire menu. Press the briefcase tab
and select the item you want and press Switch out. That will bring up the
active inventory. The item you selected will be at the side. You have to drag
the item into the inventory blocks. If you don't have enough space you have to
sort items out or delete them.

To delete something drag the item into the trashcan at the inventory menu.

-- Inventory --

This is your active inventory. You can access this anytime in the game. The
main purpose for this menu is to switch weapons or flashlights on the fly.
To switch weapons / flashlights drag the little red icon next to your current
weapon / flashlight to the new weapon or flashlight of choice. Also theres an
alternate way to get to the inventory. Press Up on the D-Pad to open this
scroll menu. Use this menu to use heal items or switch weapons / flashlights

To delete something drag the item into the trashcan.

-- Character Stats --

This menu shows you your current mission and current character stats.

-- Map --

Map of the current location. Pretty useless.

| Story /

Seto is a young boy that is extremely special; he may be the last human being
alive on the planet. In a post-apocalyptic world thatís covered in fog and has
lost its light, he searches abandoned cities tirelessly with a flashlight in
hopes of finding other humans, any human. As Seto searches through these eerily
calm and beautiful ruins of a civilization lost, he comes across a mysterious
girl named Ren, who quickly scurries away from him despite possibly being the
only other living human in the world. As he struggles to be reunited with Ren
and search for other survivors, he must fight off the ghosts and demons that
haunt this forsaken land while also piecing together the mystery of what brought
about the disappearance of all mankind.

| Walkthrough /



After the opening cutscenes head to the crank ahead to open the dome roof.
Now that you got some light head upstairs. You can walk on the big telescope
to get to the flashlight on the bed. Go back downstairs to the next room. Go
in for another cutscene with an enemy. Whack the enemy with your twig of a
weapon, nothing to hard since he won't attack you. You can see his health bar
on the right. Afterwards grab the Old Man's Letter and Strange Blue Stone on
the desk. Now for a song . . .


Head towards the broken column to trigger another cutscene. You will meet a
girl here. After the encounter you will be in the train station.

Train station

You will hear a strange voice inside here. Find it by going down the stairs.
Crouch to get pass the rubble. Enter the door ahead to find it. It will assist
you if needed. Head out and save your game on the fireplace on the ground.
You will gain all your health when saving. Remember this if you're low on HP. Go
straight ahead to the mens bathroom to find a new weapon. Its on the floor by
the light coming from the ceiling. Equip the bamboo sword by pressing up on the
d-pad. Scroll to it and select it.

Head out and enemies will begin to appear. Nothing hard here, you can even
ignore them if you like. If you want to gain EXP though I would kill a few.
Anyways head to the inner area to find a item on the ground. Pick up the Paper
crane and go straight to the big door for another cutscene. To open the shutter
we have to find a key. Save your game at the next fireplace and view the paper
crane. Head under the giant stairs ahead to find a Mystery item on the ground.
Now head around the rubble until you find the womens bathroom. Inside you will
find the key in one of the stalls.

When you exit the bathroom you will meet a new friend. You will recieve Healing
Candy Drop from him. Go back to the shutter door to exit here.

Train platform

Grab another Mystery item by the fireplace and save. In the next area Dogs are
roaming around. Kill them all to level up some. Your weapon might break here. If
it does just equip the stick again. Sometimes enemies will drop items too. Now
go inside the train. In the next area hands will popout from the train window!
Whack them all with your stick and grab the healing item on the table before
exiting. Head up the tracks for some cutscenes. Save up ahead.


Find the girl in the room. Listen to your speakers to find her. When you find
her the 2nd time you have to crouch into the next hiding spot or else she will
runaway to another hiding spot. After the 3rd time she will give you the key.
Head back out and save. When you save this time you can now buy items from the
trader. Head back to the platform, dogs will appear along the way.

Train platform

Tougher jelly enemies will appear pass the trains. You can ignore them or kill
them for EXP. Head back to the station area.

Train station

Head up the big stairs on the left side. The key will open the door up ahead.

Station Mall

Save and head in the mall. Theres many paths to take here. Some doors also
open to find new items inside. New enemies are spread around here. Some are
strong and hard to kill. Remember to stop by the fireplace for healing. Check
the room with the crate to find the Cat toy and a Storage Key inside the crate
itself. Go down the long corridor to use the key on the right side door to
wnter storage.

Save. Find a mystery item on the ground on the left side shelves. Go back to
the fireplace and examine it. Destroy the crates to find a hole in the wall.
Crouch under to get through. Careful! This hallway here has those hand enemies
that can hurt you if you get close. Keep your distance and kill each of them.
Head around to find the door. Head through to the next door to be in the mall

Another opened area. Again check all doors on the right side to find items
inside. Make sure to break all crates as well. Down the escalators you will
find a stick gaurded by a dog. On the left side you will come across cracked
floors. The easiest way to get through them is to turn around and walk backwards
into them. This is how I did it and I never fell. I would take the upper route
passed the escalators. Find a door along the corridor and enter it. Destroy the
crates to find a hole on the wall. Head around and kill the dogs to find a new
key. Grab it and head back to the fireplace. Open the door near the fireplace
with the new key.

Old Mall

Save and enter the door. Each dead end path will have an item waiting for you
to get picked up like a stick or a mystery item. Kill any monsters here and
enter the brown door on the upper left part of the map. Enter each door and
defeat every monster in each room. Now for cutscenes . . .

Climb the ladder to the surface.


Even more cutscenes! After that pesky Crow wanders away head to the fireplace.
Theres a mystery item laying right next to the save so go pick it up. You can
now carry more items with you! Pretty cool. Theres 3 ways you can choose from:
Left side, Up the stairs, and a right side. For the sake of this walkthrough
i'll go left side first.

Take the left path in. Walk in and kill the dogs. One of them will drop a
Mystery item. Examine the writing on the fence. Go into the red house to find a
key to the Rollercoaster. Next to the house there is a mystery item on the
ground. Head up the stairs passed the blue blobs. Find the mystery item laying
next to the rollercoaster on the upper right side of the map. Theres another
item underneathe the rollercoaster. Crouch under to get it by the broken metal
part. Examine the writings on the far wall on the left side fence to find a
message. Since he isn't here either go back to the fireplace and examine the
items found.

Save. Take the right path. Theres a mystery item on the bench. Take it and go
left. Look for the writting on the wall here and examine it. He's not here
either. Go back to the fireplace. Look for a message on the pig by the
fireplace. Examine it. He's at the merry-go-round now. Talk to him, afterwards
we have to chase him! To catch him just run in the opposite direction from him
then press A. He will then run off to the right hand path.

To catch him this time run to the tea cup ride. Crouch and walk into one of the
teacups. Wait here and he will begin to wander around; talking to you. Wait for
him to stop by one of the entrances by the teacup ride. Quickly standup and
run behind him and press A. He'll run away again, this time to the left path.
Find him again by the teacups afterwards.

Save and climb the ladder. Go right and back down the ladder. Keep going until
you get to the next save. On the floor theres a Slingshot mystery item. Not
really worth it because it takes up a lot of space in the inventory. Keep
going down the tracks and you will find Crow.


Save. Ignore the blobs or fight them. Find the Pirate Isle book on the floor in
the next room along with a mystery item. The following section is multi-pathed.
Each dead end will have some items for you to pick up. Make sure to grab the Sun
Stone item to recieve 15,000 yen! Save at the end and climb up.


Another masked monster to beat. Nothing hard. After the... ahem.. interesting
cutscenes you can exit the Park by the door next to the robot statue (on the
left). Follow the path to the hotel courtyard.


Save. The opening to the hotel can be found by going left around behind the
building. Enter the hole in the wall. Find a mystery item under a table and a
fireplace is here. Save and enter the next area. Find a mystery item behind the
counter. Go back to the fireplace to examine it, its a key. Go beack and head
upstairs. The rooms down here and the bathrooms do not have anything.

Go upstairs and the first door on the right has a item. Get it and head to the
next floor. Save and head to the far door on the left side. A new enemy will
appear here. She can only be hurt when the eye on her back is exposed. She will
fall down crying, her back will be expose and thats when you attack. Grab the
item on the ground and head back. Enter the door next to the fireplace. At the
end of the circular room you'll find a item, go back and examine it.

Head far right side door to find yourself at the roof of the hotel. Next to the
big tree you will find a item lying around. Go back and examine. After that you
can go now to the long hallway's door. Nothing else here to pickup here. In
this room you will fight another of those masked monsters. This time they
actually do damage to you! Don't get near them when it faces you or you will
take some damage. The best way to hurt it is to run behind it and attack the
blob part. After a few hits it will disappear. Run around the room until it
appears again. Run behind and attack. Sometimes it will do a stomp attack when
you're close, that's the best way to run behind and attack. After the fight you
will get another key.

Room 301 is the door next to the fireplace. You will meet up with the girl here.
What the heck is all that sharpee writing on her?? Heh. Anyways she will tag
along with you. Head back down to the second floor and head right. A little
girl is wandering here. She wants you to get her a star. What a brat! Head
back to the roof and enter the door next to the big tree. Enter the first door
here, theres a door on the right. Get the item in the room. Beware of the hands
at the doorway! Go back and go down the stairs to another door. Grab the item
here and go back. You will be outside once again. Up ahead is the entrance to
the mall.


Head back to the northside of the map where the faulty cracked floors were
earlier on in the game. Head to the dead end on the map by the fireplace to find
a item on the ground. To get that star we have to go back to the storage room so
keep going back. Crawl under to the storage room at the dead end of the hall. On
the ground you will get a special flashlight. This light will make you see
writings on the walls and other objects. In the room theres a few messages on
the wall and behind shelves. To get what were looking for we must keep going
back. Head around to the door in the back that we were at earlier, the one were
it teached us to break boxes. Inside here more of those crying enemies will
appear. They are way tougher than before. Equip a good weapon like a broom to
kill them faster. When you kill all 3 you will get the star. Now we can go back
to the hotel. Approach the girls door for a cutscene.

The brat still won't let you get through! Grrr. Now we have to get the moon for
her. Rememebr the quickest way to get to the park is by leaving the hotel
downstairs, through the woods.


Head to the path were we found the Rollercoaster key. On the sign by the house
you will find the moon symbol. Examine it and take it. Head back to the hotel.


Sigh.. now you have to find a ring. Luckily it's in the hotel. Head to the 3rd
floors circular room which is the restaurant. You will see a tree that is
moving! Walk to it for a quick chat dialogue. Guess what? We gotta fight it!


As you can see it as a hefty life bar. I would use a pipe for this fight if you
got one. Notice the blobs on the tree? Thats where you attack it. Be careful
of its arms that will swing at you. Move to the side when it's starts glowing.
The wind will push you away but not hurt you. Afterwards head back to the girl.

After the chit-chat you are done with the hotel. Cutscenes ahead. When you gain
control again follow the cat outside of the hotel. It will be by the man hole.
Head down and save.


This corridor is quite LONG. Along the way monsters will appear. Kill them or
just run away from them. Down the hall you will find a new enemy. It looks like
a R2D2 doesn't it? I would use a Pole to kill it the fastest. Dodge it's mouth
attack by running in circles around it. Head down the end and climb the long
ladder to the shaft.


Save up ahead. Enter each of the tunnels down here for items. A new monster
type will appear in this area. These spider like enemies are quite easy to kill
with the pole. Three hits with the pole will kill them. After exploring each end
go to first set of stairs in the tunnel. In this upper area there are storage
rooms with more items inside. Get them all and go back downstairs to the
fireplace. Now in the same tunnel go to the next set of stairs inside the
tunnel, gaurded by the 2 spider monsters. At one end you will find another item.
The other end will take you to the next save.

In the next area you will find a Cat toy on the ground. Lure the cat with it.
When the cat is next to you crouch down. It will run away to the next area. Go
in to find a whole lotta cats! The silver hair girl will also be here too. She
will run off as usual. Head down the stairs. There's a save on the right.


Find 2 items on the right path, by the columns. Head down the stairs and head
to the left side columns. On the lower part there is a energy drink to pick up.
On the Upper part there is another money item. Now head thru the middle part.
Spider monsters are around here. Get through them and climb the ladder. Head
to each side of the catwalks. At the end of them there are items. On the left
side catwalk the floor will break near the bird monsters. Walk backwards like
before to get through them.


Save and enter the tunnel. Equip your Katana sword you just found. In the next
room we're fighting a boss! This mole will come out of one of the holes. Also
it will dangle from the cieling if you hang around in between the holes. When
it comes out of one of the holes stand near it but not close! It has good range
on his claw swipe and does good damage to you. Wait for it to finish it's claw
attack then quickly walk up to it and swipe. Stand near the hole it came out
from and wait for it to appear again. It will never come out of the same hole
twice in a row. When it appears at another hole but you missed hitting him you
have to stand by the hole and wait again. Also when you see it come out of a
hole you can attack it up to 3 times before it hides back.

Save and climb up. At the entrance on the left side there is a item near the
rubble. Head down the road to the dam. Once again the girl will appear then
disappear. Save and head down the dam.


Head in the door to find a item waiting for you at the entrance. It's a cool
Crossbow but it takes some space on the inventory. Clumb down the ladders and
you'll notice theres 2 paths to take. I would talk the path of the catwalks
because there is an item to grab over there. Watch out for the breakable floor
along the way. When you reach the end climb up the ladders to grab a item. Climb
down the other ladders below. Stay on this side of the area beacuse the other
side leads to a dead end. Keep going down for a new save point across the

Kill the birds flying around because the next set of catwalks are SUPER fragile.
To get pass them you must walk on it and then quickly stop. The screen will
begin to shake. Wait for it to stop and walk a little bit forward. Repeat unil
you're on the other side. Get to the next bonfire and save. After examining the
stone climb the ladder by the bonfire to find a item by the broken ladder. Also
head right up here to find a message on the wall written on the dam wall. Climb
down and enter the tunnel.

Inner Dam

After the talk with the creepy merchant man head into the engine room. Keep
going to the other side of the room and climb the long ladders. There are no
items to get on the engines themselves. Same goes for the 2nd part. At the 3rd
part there is a longbow on the floor. Grab it because we need it for the
upcoming area. By the bonfire there is a target above the door. You guessed
it, we need to shoot a arrow at the target to open it.

Now we got a larger inventory now thanks to the merchant. Stock up on weapons
if needed. In the next area you will find a other type of flashlight on the
ground. Equip it and head to the dead end on the right to get a item. Go left
and enter the doors after the long hallway on the left. We'll meet up with an
old friend here. Afterwards save and pick up the Ax next to the bonfire. It's
a great weapon!

More tedious corridors up ahead. A new enemy type will appear here. These
droids are not that hard to kill. Three hits from a good weapon will do the
trick. When they start blocking your hits you need to keep your distance or
they will shoulder ram you. When they start to electricfy that is when you can
hit them. At the end of this is another bonfire save. Enter the next door and
head down the hall for another cutscene. None of the crates in the next long
hall have anything in them so don't hit them, some will explode causing you
damage. Save at the end and enter door. The merchant will sell the Ax and Spear
in the store. Equip a crossbow, we need it for the next boss battle!

More cutscenes with the girl in the next room. Enter the elevator to fight the
next boss.


First thing you do is to watch where the wrecking ball swings. Use the zoom on
your crossbow to see where it goes. Sometimes it will swing to the front and
sometimes to the back. I would have a few vitamins in inventory just incase,
it's damage is pretty hefty. When is swings about 3 times the machine will turn
itself around. This is your chance to get some hits in on the orb. The fork will
track you around. Run around until it drops down, get in position again to get
some hits in. It will retract and track you again. Wait for it to drop and
attack. After 2 tries the lift will retract and the machine will spin around
once again. Watch out for the ball position once again. When it's lifebar
reaches red it will pause for a brief second. Finish it off for good.

Now we have do some backtracking back into the tanks. At the long hall you will
find an item tucked into the pipes on the left. Examine it to grab it. Head
back to the cell the girl was in. Approach the prison door for a quick chat.
Grab the flash bulb on the ground and save in the next area.


At the dead ends of the side paths you will find a spear and another diary. At
the end of this tunnel you will notice a item on top of the rock rubble. At
this point of time I have no clue how to grab it. Get the other items in the
next areas dead ends and save. Head down the hall with the crates. One of the
crates will have a item inside (first one I think). The security door will lock
you in here. Save and chat ahead. Afterwards crouch down to get on the other
side. On the left path there is an item at the dead end. Follow the cat on the
left, on the right is another item to pick up. In the next area theres some more
dead ends and a save. Kill the monsters here, one will drop a money item. Pick
up the other item and save. Mini boss ahead.

It's the same mask you fought in the hotel. Nothing hard at all. Afterwards
crouch under to get to the next area. The dead end on the right has nothing so
don't go in there. Save on the other side.

Doctors Lab

In the room opposite of the bonfire you will find a Katana. Enter the other
door. You will find another item on the desk near the exit. At the hallway with
the many doors enter the first door on the left and grab the item by the bed.
It's a Strange Blue Drink. A other room will have a hammer if you need it. Get
to the kids room to save. Save and enter the painted door. You will find a item
under the bench here, I have no idea if you can pick up or not. In the room with
the 2 R2D2's grab the item on the shelf, It's a Strange red drink. Head

Equip the spear for this next part. The next room you have to get pass quickly
because the poison int he room will make your health go down. Only bother
killing enemys that block your path and run out ASAP. Save in the next room.
The next room is guarded by motion sensors. Avoid moving in the the lights or
else you have to fight some enemies and start over from the start of the room.
There is an item on the right side. I would probably just run to the item, fight
the enemies and start over. Again, you CAN touch the lights but do not move when
you're in the light or else it will trigger. Slowly make your way to the next
room and save. You will fight Shin in the next room.


He's not very hard at all. A good weapon like Katana will take him down within
a few hits. He will begin to float around the room. Eventually he will stop by
one of the pools of blood on the ground and begin to absorb it. He will then
shoot orbs at you. You can hit them out of the air with your weapon when they
approach you. While you are doing this Shin will be slumped over with his hand
on his head. This is your chance to attack him. Get some hits in and back away.
If you stand too close he will hit you with his forcefield move. This is pretty
much how you beat him. It's fairly a short fight.

Approach the girl for some cutscenes.


Approach the girls for some chat. Before saving grab the 2 items on the lower
part of the stairs. One is next to the stairs and the other is around the corner
of the stairs. Head up the tower. Along the way you will fight a few R2D2's.
Some will drop rations, they will come in handy for the fight. Head to the top.
Look for a Katana on the ground by the stairs. Approach Shin to fight.


It's the same exact fight as before, but this time he does a new move. Rays of
light will begin to come out of him. Stand in between them and wait. When the
rays are fully illuminated avoid them by moving along with them. Pretty simple.
After this fight the game is done. Congrats!

You will unlock special contents after the credits. These contents are Concept
Art, Event Movies from the game, Trailers, and the Credits.

| Items /

Name         Price      Info
Vitamins  |  1000    | Heal HP +150
Tuna      |  1500    | Heal HP +200
Emergency |  1200    | Heal HP +200
Kit       |          |
Strange   |  100000  | Adds ATK +5 permanently
Red Drink |          |
Water     |  6000    | Heal HP +300
Strange   |  100000  | Adds HP +10 permanently
Blue Drink|          |
Energy    |  1500    | Heal HP +250
Drinks    |          |
Ration    |  2500    | Heal HP +400
Pack      |          |
Oxygen    |  10000   | Heal HP +600
Cylinder  |          |
Healing   |  500     | Heal HP +60
Candy Drop|          |

| Weapons /

Weapons can be found in game and bought thru the merchant during a save. Check
back often and the merchant will sell new weapons. Weapons break after some
usage and need to be replace. You can still use some broken weapons but you
can't do combo attacks with them, making them weak. Weapons can randomly break

Name         Price      Damage               Description
Mallet    |  3000    | ATK +80  | Strong weapon, but slow
Pole      |  5000    | ATK +150 | Very strong weapon and durable
Golf Club |  15000   | ATK +50  | Durable
Slingshot |  4500    | ATK +15  | Good for airborne enemies, but weak and breaks
Broom     |          | ATK +100 | Durable
Butterfly |          | ATK +60  | Nice long range
Net       |          |          |
Stick     |  1000    | ATK +10  | Weak
Bow       |  8000    | ATK +30  | For airborne enemies, weak
Cat Toy   |  30      |    0     | To attract cats. Have no idea what it's for.
Longbow   |  12000   | ATK +60  | Nice long distance attack. Ok damage.
Katana    |  25000   | ATK +80  | Fair damage. Fast attacks. Only takes 2 spaces
Crossbow  |  22000   | ATK +80  | For airborne enemies, Good range
Ax        |  10000   | ATK +120 | Good damage. Can be charged. Can't combo.
Spear     |  20000   | ATK +180 | Powerful, good range
Hammer    |  30000   | ATK +200 | Powerful but slow. Can be charged.
Bamboo    |  2000    | ATK +20  | Weak
Sword     |          |          |
Iron Pipe |  7000    | ATK +40  | Weak


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