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Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Auto play like Guitar Hero 3? 0

Technical Help Answers
SDHC Cards can I? Why Not! 0
Are all the instruments wireless and do you need batteries? 6
Can I play downloaded songs through the SD card? 1
Can I sing Karaoke on Guitar Hero World Tour? 1
Can you move songs from the wii memory to the SD cards? 2
Can you play with ramdom people online or is it only by friend codes? 4
Can you redownload a song that you accidently cancel while downloading it? 2
Can't play quickplay songs... ? 2
How can I make my guitar strum up again? 3
How do I configure my mic? 3
How do i plug the mic to the wii remote? 1
How do I take the cymbals off the main pads? 2
How do u invite more then one person? 2
How do u upload songs to GH tunes? 1
How do you get money? 4
How do you play multiplayer for the wii? 6
If I use a HDTV, in what number of MS of video and audio will be necessary to calibrate te notes in a song? 2
My microphone isn't working? 2
The game doesn't play some of the notes...... any help? 3
Why cant I play lead guitar on my custom song? 1
Why Cant I Play WiFi? 1
Why do my cymbal pads 'bounce'? 1
Why does the game keep telling me "Warning: All Controllers Connected"? 1
Why does the game keep telling me can not connect to wifi with this user name and how do i change my user name? 1
Why isn't my cymbal working? 2
Any way to adjust word font or size for vocals? 7
Are the instruments durable? 1
Can drums and mic bebought seperately? 2
Can I play GH3 with the new guitar? 2
Can I play this game with Rock Band Drums? 1
Can I use an eye toy to sing? 1
Can i use my GH3 guitar? 2
Can the Rock Band instruments be used for this game? 3
Can Wii Speak be used as the mic for the game? 2
DLC? Drums? 4
Do all of the intruments use the USB ports? 2
Does data still work if you copy to a SD card? 1
Drum problem how to fix? 1
How can I disengage the slider? 4
How do I fix my whammy? 1
How do i play mic? 1
How do the wireless instruments work? 1
How Do You Enable Star Power's Lightning On The Player? 1
How do you save custom songs to a sd card? 1
How much space do songs take up? 3
Is it just me or are the GHWT guitars made of crap? 3
Is there a special technique to using the cymbals on the drum kit? 1
My Guitar continues to screw up. Help? 2
One Wiimote per player? 2
Should I put some slack on the cymbals? (Drum Kit) 1
Warranty Claim Help? 1
Why did my gutair and bass sudenly stop working? 1
Why does the game keep telling me that my rock band 1 microphone wont work? 2
Why does the game tell me that Im not earning cash or money when I finish a song? 1
Why don't they work? 1
Wii Remotes needed? 1

Other Help Answers
Can I transfer GHWT data from one wii to another (SD card fails during copying)? 1
can you add people in WFC that GH matchmakes you with? 2
Career Mode or something? 1
Does a guitar or a mic whitout the need of a wii remote exists? 2
Does it get harder at all? 1
Does there exist a pedal for the drum kit to activate the star power? (Wii version) 3
Downloading songs? 1
Gig number displayed instead of checkmark in career? 1
Guitar and and vocals with 1 remote? 2
Guitar wire? 1
How can i play the person i made in quickplay? 1
How do i change the snap on GHmix while using guitar? 1
How do you delete one of your band names? 1
How limited is the Song Creation mode? 1
How to buy Ozzy in Guitar hero World Tour? 3
How to use music store? 4
I beat Drums on Hard, now I want to on Expert. How? 2
I have a question about song making? 1
I have a usb mic that dosn't work? 2
Instruments? 1
Is my game glitched or baddly made? 3
Making songs on Guitar Hero World Tour? 1
Midi In- Usb interface does it work? 1
My guitar note screen disappeared? 1
Note Highways? 2
Performance mode cheat question...? 1
Songmaking for the wii? 1
Unlocked characters? 1
Unlocking the Band Career Video? 1
What does the 'auto kick' code mean? 1
What's the point? 2
When joining or hosting a band online, do I earn money for just myself? 2
Why does my GH3 guitar's strum is slow? 1
Why is it there? 1
100 Points per note on easy? 1
8000$ Gig Help? 2
A couple random questions (?) 1
All the rest work? 1
Any difference between this console's version of the game and others? 1
Audio CDs and SDcard help? 1
Can I download songs from my computer onto an SD card and play them in World Tour? 3
Can I play Guitar Hero on WII without a guitar? 6
Can I use a GH3 PC guitar on the Wii edition of World Tour? 2
Can I use the singstar mics with this game???? (wii version) 5
Can someone give me the list of songs in this game? 2
Can someone throughly explain the downloadable content concept to me? "track packs" I've been hearing about? 1
Can wiispeak work as the mic? 3
Can you find where to go to buy characters/new unlocks? 5
Can you make your own music in this game? 5
Can you play career mode with two guitars? 2
Can you play online with a friend that has GH:Aerosmith?? 1
Can You Put Songs You Downloaded on The SD Card Onto The Computer? 2
Can You Use Miis? 1
Can you verse other consoles? 1
Career High Scores? 2
Credits? 1
Cymbals with rock band drums? 2
Do the unlockable characters through cheats do anything? 6
Does any1 wanna face me on nintendo wifi im quite good i can do most songs on expert? 1
Does anyone know about bonus tracks you can add in the game beside downloadable content? 2
Does anyone know if there is an easier way to cary the drums, game, guitar, etc. than just in the box? 5
Does Downloading Custom Songs in GH Tunes Cost Money? 4
Does the drums got the lefty mode for the guitar hero world tour? 1
Does the guitar come free? 2
Does the Nyko Front Man guitar controller work? 4
Does the Rock Band intruments work for Guitar Hero World Tour? 9
Has anyone created a good Hendrix? 2
Having trouble with the wii guitar? 3
Help? 1
Hot for teacher? 5
How do I get to the band screen from the main menu? 2
How do I name a song I create? 1
How do you execute star power on drums? 4
How do you pu tthe DLC onto a SD Card? 1
How do you put slider notes in songs? 2
How do you switch bands without rebooting? 3
How is the leaderboard score determined? 1
How long? 1
How much does it cost in full bundle? 1
How To unlock Jimi Hendrix? 2
How to unlock other characters? 1
I got a high score on a song which would've put me at 87th, but the game says I'm still at 310th place. What's the deal? 1
I know i need a seperate remote for the microphone, does it have to be a wiimote? 1
I Only Have 3 Songs To Download From In The Metillca album? 1
Ipod download? 3
Is Dream Theater on the new Guitar Hero? 8
Is It Hard To Use The Kick Pedal and Keep Rythm? 3
Is there a wireless mic out, that will work with GH:WT? 3
Is there unlockeble songs for each instument? 7
Jack on guitar? 1
Jimi Hendrix? 1
Long Drum Notes? 1
Online problems? 1
Only 4 Golden Stars? 3
Problem with guitar and drums? Does anyone else have this problem? 4
PS2 mic compatable with wii? 4
Requesting downloadable song for guitar hero WT? 1
Rock band guitar? 1
Seperate gh4 guitar? 2
Sharing Characters? 1
Should I buy the game with the drums? 3
Should I Get This For Wii Or PS2? 5
Song notes, I can't see them? 1
Strange area? 1
Two Player Drums? 2
Unfriendly Words? 1
Wat's AT&T Ballpark? 2
Weird drum note? 1
What are the recomended downloaded songs I should download? 8
What are the training cards for that you get in mii freestyle mode? 2
What do need to do for each of the cash rewads at the end of a song? 1
What Is Mii Freestyle? 4
What is so special about aaron, johnny viper, rina, and nick? 1
What is the difference between vocal difficulties? 2
Whats the phone jack for? 1
When would individual drum sets be on sale? 3
Where do i download songs? 1
Where is the shop? 6
Where is the unlock all songs switch on wii? 3
Where you can change the name of the custom songs? 1
Which equipment for both games? 3
Which is the hardest song on expert in this gh? 1
Why did my cymbals stop working? 5
Why Do I Only Have 3 Songs To Download From In The Metillca album? 5
Why no money? 2

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