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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you kill the tigers?

How do kill the undead tigers without having bombs? it says you have to kick them, but I can't figure out how to kick them and I'm out of bombs. I'm in the mexico place

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But what are the buttons you have to push to jump on them??

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From: sang_de_boeuf 6 years ago

Do you mean the tiger thralls? The skeletal tigers?

It's a little awkward to do - the controls aren't that accurate. Just shoot them with your pistols first, so they are down and glowing with that blue light. Once they are down, stay calm - no button mashing needed. Walk up to the waiting carcass, face it, and STAND STILL. While standing still, press the A button. The system will perform an automatic jumpy/flippy move for you, that will stomp out the thrall.

The unfortunate key to the maneuver is to be standing still next to the thrall, when all you really want to do is jump while running up to it when it's down. But if you're moving when you press A, all you get is the normal jump action, which does nothing.

The other ways to kill the thralls are by running them over with your bike, or, eventually, using Thor's hammer on them. I did find one area - under the pool in Mexico - where you can knock them into a crevice and they can't get out. But that was just that one place.

You can also outrun them - they don't leave their assigned areas, so you can always just leave them behind if you don't need to stay in a location.

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You jump on them when there down

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