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Asked: 5 years ago

I need to know who has a book and who is small? and how do I unlock them?

Well I want to do the Hyros but I cant b/c I need a book and I am dieing to go into the little caves and stuff but idk who is small and idk who I should try to buy is there anyone out there who can help me?

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For the book, buy Belloq
I don't know about a small dude you can buy but short round is small

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Belloq for books.
Majaharah is the best for the small guy because he is also a thugee and can unlock those funky statues. You also can get short round and there is a slave child who is small as well. To unlock them you just have to play the second movie then go into the library and purchase them. Short round is opened in the first scene so you only have to play one to be able to purchase him.

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My son is trying to get onto the plane in temple of doom chapter one at the wharehouse, we have fixed plane see door open bt cant get in, any advice please.

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Where is the key for the lock when you place the diamond on the stand in the artifact room??

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