Question from Hektor313

Asked: 6 years ago

Lego: Indiana Jones 3rd Movie level Desert Ambush - How do you get the tank to fire at you?

I've done everything I can on this level and I can't get the tank to fire at me. What do I do? Thanks

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From: autobot480 6 years ago

It depends on if you have the extra "Disarm Enemies" on. If you do, then Vogel won't shoot his bazooka like other enemies. Turn that off, and the game should function as normal.

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Autobot is right, funny that a cheat can actually make the game "harder".

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Make sure you are standing in front of the thing you are trying to blow up, then dodge the bazooka when he fires it, you might be standing behind the object and the bazooka guy wont shoot.

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