Question from Johnbobb

Asked: 6 years ago

Do guitar hero world tour instruments work for the 2 rock band games?

I thought it would be safer to buy world tour first because I know the rock band drums don't work on world tour.

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From: Crybabylover 6 years ago

The other answers are incorrect and the people haven't tried and/or done their research. For Rock Band, no Guitar Hero instruments work. As for Rock Band 2, all Guitar Hero World Tour instruments are compatible, including the GH3 guitar. The GHWT drums work great, and the orange cymbal isn't needed, but is considered as the blue note, as does the blue pad. Here is an easy-to-follow conpatability chart.

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No dude Rock Band is from Harmonex, and Guitar hero is from Red Octane, they dont work together

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Apparently you can use GH instruments in Rock Band 2, I'm not sure if the same goes for RB1 though.

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No GH:WT instruments work for ROCK BAND 1, but all instruments work for ROCK BAND 2!

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World Tour Instruments are fully compatible with Rock Band 2.

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World Tour Instruments and the Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul Controller are fully compatible with Rock Band 2.

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