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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the computer in cupidia?

I have tried to find for ages.

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You need to complete a scroll to get the power to build computers... I don't remember if it's the Mad Science Scroll, but definitely a scroll you get from Rocket Reef.

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You have to make one with your wand powers. Complete the Mad Science scroll from Rocket Reef.

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From personal experience just don't try to build the computer in front of your entry way I found on the side works. Just as you enter the entry way.

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Talk to Spencer and he will tell you that he loves computer games. Bring out a computer with your wand from Build Mode and put it near Spencer. Finish first the "Solar Panel Scroll" as the easiest way to make the computer work. Or get a power generator and connect wires from the power generator to the computer.

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the scroll toget computers is nt mad science, is compU scroll. you put the computer anywhere and then you hook wires to it. easier if solar panel is attatched

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