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Can need a list of all the figures and where 2 find them?

Plese if u tell me ive completed the game

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The list of all of the figurines is hard to make and I can't remeber all the locations of the figurines. Instead of me writing a list for you, go to the line under where it says MySims Kingdom and if should say "Home; Data; FAQs..." Hit the FAQs and you should see some Guides. Hit the one that says "Collectible Guide" by UdonCat. His guide has the locations of all the Fish, Figurines, Flowers, and Armor Pieces. Just scroll down until you get to the list of Figurines and there it is.

I hope that this helps.

By the way, I take no credit what-so-ever for the making of UdonCat's guide.

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Check the "Collectible Guide" he will tell you everything you need to collect...

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Armor pieces are as follows:

Breastplate of Resistance: Capital Island, by Treasure Finding

Girdle of Ogre Strength: Spookane, treasure Find

Gauntlet of dexterity: Trevor Island, Treas. Find

Gauntlet of Righteousness: Cutopia, Treas. Find

Helm of Brilliance: Uncharted Isle, Fishing

Sinister Boot: Forest of Elves, fishing

Rightful Boot: Rocket Reef, Fishing

Sheild of Smiting: Nature Preserve, Fishing

There are lots of figurines, I believe 32 in all.

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