Question from froggyboy168

Where can I find the goby thing?

Where are the goby on cutopia? (task recious P ieces)

froggyboy168 provided additional details:

All I get is sun fish and sea turtles and all theres is is one fishing spot!

froggyboy168 provided additional details:

Someone help me please!

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shrooboid313 answered:

It is in the fishing spot in Cutopia, but it is quite rare.
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SaraT64 answered:

on cuteopia,or whatever that place is called. But the fishing spot near the mining spot on that island
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steven4545 answered:

I had the same problem don't worry though just keep fishing and you'll get it!

Good luck.
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murrrylee answered:

Fish for them near the mining area on Cutopia. It takes a while to catch them, keep trying! :]
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