Question from greengoblin009

How do I dress people as barbers?

How do I dress people as barbers? I already round the item thing, but can't figure out how to dress the townspeople as barbers.


HALO_FREAK_96 answered:

Theres a blue and white outfit wit scissors and a comb in the pocket and you put a half head of hair and a mustache.
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godzilla757 answered:

Okso what you do is the Following :
Move the thing over the town person and press the B button
then what you do is find your outfit
(note) you may throw a lot of balls trying this!!!!
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ryangibsonstewa answered:

Point your Wii remote at the townsperson (any townsperson will do). The arrow will change to a paintbrush or a shirt. When it does, press B. You will then have the option to choose the outfit for the person. Choose the outfit, and you're done!
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