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What's with the colliseum?

On Asiana, the first continent, there is a colliseum on the north side, above Khan's Castle. I've landed on the space, but nothing happens. How can I get in?

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TpcoolRulz answered:

Randomly at the beggining of the week, Green Jr. (the richest man in the world) summons everybody to the collisium to battle. You battle all your your opponents in the game plus Green Jr's. hired assisstent to make it more fun. You win a prize if you beat everyone and when it's finished, you will be returned to the collisium space on the map.
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MasterPoker answered:

Here's a link that will show you what that battle can look like:

It doesn't happen often, perhaps once per 200 weeks of play, making it as rare as the Hairstyle event.
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