Question from Doopliss99

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I unlock the potion Wizard Weezes Love Potion?

I've unlocked and beaten every potion except the Wizard Weezes Love Potion. Who knows how?

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Im not sure
Make all potions
Get like 100 crests

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The other guy is close, but you only need 98 crests, ive been wondering it for a while, and just unlocked it

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oh god!!! I only have 32 crests!!!

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All I did was just play the game for a while after completing the first page of Potions challenges, when eventually I checked back in at Potions Club that second page was unlocked. I would just continue on with the story for a while, collect all the crests and mini-crests you can, and soon you'll be able to get at the Love Potion.

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