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Where can I find All the armor?

Where is all the armor? I only found a few and I want to find the rest.

chaoscontrol325 provided additional details:

Okej. I've found almost all of them now. The ones I'm missing are Spyro's helmet in the fury set and his. . . Tail, I believe, in his mana set.

AJL16 asked for clarification:

I don't remember which chapters had specific pieces of armor. If you're still stuck, which two chapters are you still missing from?

To TGP, I don't recall which of the two in the Ruins is Spyro's, so I'll list both locations where I found armor:

1) While facing the four dragon statues, go left. When you get to the part where Cynder hangs on the vines and Spyro swing-flames the torches, look for a low-level ledge immediately to the left of this vine wall.

2) Facing the statues initially, go right. After getting the first key (using the Orb, "raft", and tuning forks), take the vortex to the second key's sequence. When you're at the part (near the end) where Cynder hangs upside down and Spyro breaks the wall as a swinging boulder, drop down first, and look for orange rocks covered in thick vines. Have Spyro burn the vines and break the rocks (using Jump + Z with the Earth element).

chaoscontrol325 provided additional details:

Yeah, I've been through these places in the chapter menu. That's how I found most of them, but I can't find these particular pieces. One is in Burning Lands and the other is in The Dam.


nicktoonchamp answered:

What pieces of armor have you found?
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TGPEFWM answered:

Check any bonuses you still miss in every area, if there is still any armor left, they will show in a helmet like symbols. A tips from me, to find all of those armor, you need to fly to every corner (including bottomless canyon, you cannot fall anyway) you can go. Some armor also appear after you beat an elite enemies (if you found some sparkle on the ground, kill any enemies near that sparkle, something will come out from that sparkle, including armor). The only one still not found by me is spyro armor in "ruins of warfang", anybody knows where that armor is?
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kingjojo3 answered:

I would look in the chapter mode. If you see the golden object that looks like armor near the "Items remaning" If it has a number 1 or above there is armor there. If you don't see it there, its probally on your current level!
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Lumina93 answered:

Burning Lands (Spyro's Helmet): Past the first Save Point, there's a lava river, where you would normally go right (burned field), follow the river until you see an enemy on an island (if you defeat him, you get a Gem). Fly to the right of that island and keep following the river. There's another island, once you get near it, several enemies will appear. Defeat them, and the big bully that appears, a chest will appear.

The Dam: I'm not sure if this is the one you mean, but I hope it is. At the first part of the level, fly all the way to the right of the dam. If you look carefully, there are some vines on a pillar: climb up the vines and the armour should be up there.

Hope this helps.
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