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How do I unlock Spider-Man's alternate costume?

Title says all

youtubey provided additional details:

Do I need the Wal-Mart version to unlock the costume WITHOUT the code?

WickedRogue asked for clarification:

Was there a Walmart version made for PS2 and PSP also or just Wii and DS?


Arcanasphere answered:

If you have purchased the Wal-Mart version and used the unlock code, then the alternate costumes are implemented in a clumsy way. In Battle Mode, press and hold either C or Z _before_ pressing A to select Spider-Man. Hold that same button until after you let go of A.

Spider-Man has two alternate costumes. I believe that Z is the black suit and that C is Miguel O'Hara's costume.
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matt_robbo answered:

He said unlock, and what you do is use Spidey in battle mode a lot, if all you get is Spider-man 2099, then you use the code, but otherwise, the C & Z parts were correct
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Extro_Sturt answered:

Wal-mart edition has a code in its box. try using this code, im not 100% sure it works on other ones,but worth a try.


try it, since the code was in-box, i think it might work in other version, since it makes me think the disks where not made specially.
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poop422 answered:

It only works on the wal-mart edition.
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