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Where are secret tokens?

Where can Wolverine's and Iron Man's secret tokens be found?


tmpierotti answered:

Wolverine: When you get on the ship, open the door and kill the soldiers. Go through the first door , an climb on the boxes. You'll eventually find it.
Iron Man: While walking inside asteroid M, you'll come to a crossroad. Go to the left path and you'll find 2 doors, one with a cave-like maze and another with the token

And, just for the record:
Thor: While fighting Loki/Mole Man/Moloids, Go to the bottom left corner of the map.
Falcon: Inside one of the cages, in the second or third "Cage area". It's one the areas with the big-doors weights.
Hulk: While in the alternate dimension (after going through the second portal, I believe) in a high floating island just to the left of the starting point (you'll be able to see it with the camera rotation on the beginning).
Silver Surfer: When you come to the blue crystal puzzle (the small city where you must recharge the cristal), go to the lower right corner and you'll find it.
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