Question from prdude123

Do people still play online?

Hi, I'm thinking in buying this but I don't know if there still people playing this online. Thanks for your help ^_^

prdude123 provided additional details:

Do you think I should get this game or rather buy Black Ops or Modern Warfare Reflex?

prdude123 provided additional details:

I'm thinking in getting Black Ops because the multiplayer is fun and the zombies. But the World At War campaign is my favorite Call Of Duty campaign. So i guess I may get both.


Superzilla1500 answered:

Yes people still play online, not as much, buts still lots. including me every once in awhile when i'm not on black ops playing zombies :).
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jerikyle10 answered:

Lots and lots of people still play also me.
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Superzilla1500 answered:

like I said, people still play this game. I f you want a Call of Duty for multiplayer here are some things that I think about them: MWR is fun but can be sometimes confusing but it has more gametypes, and obviously it has modern guns except for the STG44/MP44 (infinity ward calls it MP44 [ witch was its origional name] and Treyarch calls in STG44 [what Hit-ler {why is that word banned?} named it]). WaW's multiplayer has less gametypes but to me it is more fun and treyarch did their best to make it non-confusing. FYI WaW does not have zombies. Black Ops has Zombies and is a very advanced game for the Wii. The only downside on the Wii is the graphics and lack of maps (Download Center coming soon!). Black Ops' campaign is VERY long. If I were you I would get all 3. Hope I helped!
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