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How do i forward my ports?

I know this question is a bit off topic, but the only way i'll be able to play with my friends is if i forward my ports and i know which ports to forward but how do i do it?

Before you answer, i use a nintendo wi-fi usb connector to connect to wifi, so if you need a router to forward ports i guess i'm out of luck, but if you don't help!

I do use a modem provided by my ISP to connect to the internet so yeah.

anyone help?

COD5N00B asked for clarification:

Im not shure about what your asking can u clarify a little more

Stevewins456 asked for clarification:

Can you connect to Wi-Fi, and play online just fine? I mean, with non-private matches.

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Mango_Deputy answered:

You shouldn't need to with nintendo usb connectors, but here's instructions anyway for anyone who has this problem with their router.

First you'd need the port #'s that you need to forward (probably found in your wii instruction manual). Just go to you're router's web address (usually or and find the option for port forwarding. It's different for every router though, so unfortunately i can't give you any more detailed directions. You can always search youtube for "port forwarding (insert your router name here)" for router specific directions. Hope that helped!
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Stevewins456 answered:

The asked is talking about online play. The instruction book says that they recommend not to use routers, but if you do, to forward ports. I don't think it applies to the asker, because they are using a USB connector.
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CM_EMO answered:

You don't
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swinepwn answered:

I'm nort sure why you would need ti, but is helpful.
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