Question from cvfan

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I unlock the extra content?

The game's instruction manual says that certain thing have to be done to unlock downloadable content. Anyone know what the criteria is for the DLC to show up.

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From: WhiteWolf338 6 years ago

I was told that only one DLC has been released so far since Monday nov. 10th and that is the tractor ball. Someone described that it slows down time and to get it you have to play all the way through story mode again and beat it. The other two that are already in the game are the reverse ball and split ball which is also unlocked through story mode. In time more DLC will be released and it will all be free from what i hear.

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WhiteWolf338 is right.

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You can unlock the tractor ball by defeating the final boss AFTER downloading the ball.
You get the exploding ball by playing arcade mode after downloading the ball.

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