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Asked: 5 years ago

how much is a guitar and only a guitar for GH?

how much is a GH-III, GH:WT and GH metallica if there is one?

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Depends on what you get. You can get a used guitar at Gamestop for about 30 bucks. And that one will work for all three... You can get an off brand one there for 24 new but no guarentees that it will work. Buying the guitar new will cost about 60 bucks

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I've seen them used at gamestop for about $20.

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Best Buy had advertised the GH3 Les Paul controller for $9.99 with purchase of GH: Metallica (offer in the ad flyer 3/29-4/4). If you haven't purchased the game yet, and your Best Buy still has the guitar in stock, that's going to be your cheapest option.

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New Les Pauls are $60, and the WT Guitars are $70

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I found guitars @ my local Gamestop for $25.

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