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Weirdo Tatoos? 2.5 questions

I noticed if you get Brodik in your town he has that wierd tatoo on his arm. But, Mist has one too if you get her the checkered swimsuit. its on her stoumach area
1. does it have anything to do with a profecy(optional)??
2.does it have any meaning???
3.are they related??

Thanks in advance


TheGrinningWolf answered:

1. No
2. Nothing in the story line makes any reference to it.
3. Most likely but don't know how.

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fatalpapercut67 answered:

Some of the other girls have tattoos as well, not just Mist.
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angel_lover961 answered:

3.They just like tattoos(I don't know why mist has one.....I really think she is really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!weird...)
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