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Can anyone explain to me about mining/ getting ores ?

Yea. I have a cheap hammer, so what exactly do i smash for ores(iron,copper,etc).
=x ? If its the stones. how big is it .

Accepted Answer

TheGrinningWolf answered:

Inside of all of the ruins, and all over/inside the whale island you will find very distinctive looking clusters of rocks that you can smash with your cheap hammer. When you do, you will find random items such as a variety of metals or gems. The better hammer you have, the more likely you'll get higher quality items. Certain items and metals can only be found in certain areas meaning that you have to progress through the game before you can have access to them. For example, you cannot get silver until you have made your way to the third floor of the Lava Ruins. This means that until you beat the Green Ruins and enter the Lava Ruins, you'll be limited to making an iron hammer and so on down the list because all you'll have access to is scrap iron (common), iron (common) and copper (rare for the time being).

Have fun progressing through the game and I'll check this post periodically if you have any follow up questions. There are a lot of other helpful posters on this FAQ as well :)

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