Question from pendraft1478

Where can I find sapphires?

I have looked everywhere. Do I just need to mine them or is it a monster drop? If so what monster and where? Thanks


robertpratama93 answered:

You just mine it use hammer Sp attack
Also drop on Gobble box / Monster box can be found on whale island - floating chamber / snow ruins B6F
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claude_nx answered:

The Monster Box also drops sapphires (although with a slightly lower chance). You can find it on the 1st, 4th, and 5th floors of the Lava Ruins. Both the Gobble Box and the Monster Box just look like treasure chests, but they will attack you when you get close.
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fatalpapercut67 answered:

If you get Bianca to a high enough LP (6 or 8, I forget), she'll send you requests in the mail for food. If you make it and send it to her through Annette, then she'll reply with a gemstone every time! Get cookin' :)
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