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Where can I find (butter)?

I want to bake things and so many need butter but i cant make or find it any were please help!

DRAGOCANDY provided additional details:

The only maker he offers is yogurt and cheese is there a time when he has a butter maker?


ichikomizutaka answered:

The only answer is make them. By get a milk (from monster), and put in a mixer (buy from Lute). That you can get your butter.
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64starchild answered:

Go to the green ruins floor 3. There you will find a Buffamoo, you can tell because it kind of resembles a cow. After a few days of caring for it, use your harvester to collect milk. If you have already bought a kitchen, and most importantly the mixer, put the milk in the mixer. After successfully making it, you will get butter.
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64starchild answered:

Forgot to mention, befriend it by petting it with the pet brush. also a mixer is not in the maker section, it's in the kitchen utensil section. There will never be a butter maker.
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Iris_noire answered:

You can get the milk from the bar.
To make butter, you can make it with your blender.
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