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Asked: 4 years ago

Ice Sword?

I was wondering is there like an ice sword because I'm not very good with the Ice Hammer

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The Ice Hammer Gives +10 to water attacks, so here is a few weapons that have water attacks.
For More Info on weapons go to this FAQ:

Aqua Sword:
you need: Broadsword, Water Crystal.
Found in cookbook: Let's Make Weapons!
Water Attack + 5, Water Resistance +10

You Need: Aquasword, gold, water crystal, teardrop, aquamarine
Found in cookbook: Forge 1-handed swords
Water attack +10, Paralysis Attack 100%

Force Element:
You Need: Shine Blade, Grand Smasher, Icifier, Aerial Blade, Platinum, Little Crystal
Cookbook: Let's Make Weapons!
Element Attack +5, Element Defense +5


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