Question from wildmoni660

I have read that people were able to find runey cheats have any of you?

I read that cetain people found a way to get around the runeys and being able to get all areas prospered, with out all the frustrations of mathematics, with certain cheat codes that they either found or created themselves. I tried asking people I know that works for game stop they either never heard of such a thing, or they don't know how they did it. Does anyone have any suggestions or either the slightest idea as to how they accomplished this? Does hacking have anthing to do with please I'd like to hear your comments. I would really like to know. Thank you!


sonicravenx answered:

Well they probably used a serten hack specilized for that,used there computer or a special wepsite,but when u hack your game, you cant enter any deongeons form what i herd and some other stuff,if u need runeys so bad, its best to plant alot of fodder on lard and leave it there,then desperse,take,whatevers for you until u have a big #
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davissm answered:

You'll need to (THIS WILL VOID THE WARRANTY ON YOUR WII AND THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE YOU'LL BREAK IT BEYOND REPAIR) softmod your wii using bannerbomb or smashstack. Install homebrew channel, install gecko and ocarina.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend that anyone does this for any reason, ever.
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