Question from spaggeti43

How do i get the 12 Crystal flower seeds from everyone?

Mist is already missing and Kanoo already told me to give the crystal flowers to the 12 maidans I gave one for everyone execpt for Uzuki because i gave one for each Iris. But i dont have anymore and the machine said i need one more. also how do i get Mist's flower?

Bobbert126 asked for clarification:

I have a question about the flowers too.
I gave a crystal seed to each girl, but now Rosetta left to help her father. I know she will be in town on festival days. Is it possible to retrieve the flower then? Or do I have to wait for her to fully return? :(


Mothership1953 answered:

The last flower is in the pot in front of Mist's house. But...Uzuki should is one of the 12 maidens, so she should have gotten a seed from you, too.

Annette, Cinnamon, Selphy, both Irises, Eunice, Melody, Bianca, Tabatha, Uzuki, Rosetta, and Lara all should have been given a seed to grow.
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