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Asked: 5 years ago

What does the purple elephant in the barn do?

A purple elephant monster found in Whale Island followed me to my barn. It's just been sitting there idly ever since and I'm not sure what to do with it.

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From: 64bitrobot 5 years ago

I believe the elephant in the barn is solely for the purpose of giving to Bianca, because when fall comes, she decides to stay in town because she can't leave him alone, and she can't care for him in the old town.

Also, the elephant shown on the site is different, that's an Elefun, a tamable monster in the Lava Ruins, that you can ride and have water plants.

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I have no idea if it ever does anything.

But when Bianca moves into town, going into the villa at some point will start an event when it turns up. I ended up giving it to her.

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I gave the elephant to bianca also. But what i want to know is if i get it back and how. i better get the elphant back!!! >:(

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i don't know specifics, but if you go to the games website ( and click on the 'system' link at the bottom, one of the screenshots is of Raguna and the elephant in a dungeon of sorts, then the next one of Raguna riding the elephant in his field... sadly this doesn't answer the question, but it does show that there may be more to it than just giving it away

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I just gave it to Bianca and later I found her in the archives and went to talk to her and she gave me a quest about using and elephant to find some treasure by taking it to see one of Cinnamon's constellations which one I don't know yet

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So after I took an elephant I got from the Lava Ruins to the observatory on a night with a constellation and the treasure there is just a clue to it.

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you don't even need the elephant. I got the clue in the middle of the day just by walking around at the observatory. Same with the next couple of clues. no monster needed to get them.

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I couldn't find the clue after the observatory where is it?

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The elephant is the only means to keep Bianca for more the just the summer seasons, thus if you don't give it to her she leaves in fall.

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It was kinda in the middle of the observatory. you can't see it i just ran around until a message came up saying that something was buried in the ground.

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How do I get the scene?

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