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How many years do you get?

How many years do you get to woo the girls/before you get married?

Because I'm in spring 24 ish and I only got Anette to 2 hearts...
Is that too slow?? >__< you absolutely have to get them to 10 hearts?

Accepted Answer

64bitrobot answered:

I don't think it has a time limit, that'd be kinda silly considering the other games didn't.

Well Rune Factory 2 had a kinda limit, but if the girl was at 10 hearts when they got married you could steal them off the alter. (Of course I just set my record, I married Juila on the 5th of summer 1)

I'm currently in Fall (year 1) and I just got Melody up to 9 Hearts. So I'd say you're probably moving at a good pace.

And yes, I'm quite sure you have to have them up to 10 hearts. But you can go on a date at 8.
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