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How do i ask a girl to date/marry me?

I know you have to be at 8 hearts for date and 10 for marriage but how do you know when to do it?

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wait, talk to them when i usually wouldnt have a conversation choice? what does that mean? Example?

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Abaddon_40000 answered:

Once the LP is at least 8, when you talk to them you should get two choices being: "I came to talk" or "I came to ask you out" Which the characters should say what day they're going out.

To marry them, complete that girl's love event, have there LP at 10 get the recipe to make a wedding bouquet, and give that wedding bouquet to them while on a date... if you've done everything the game will pretty much let you know when the right moment during the date to give them the wedding bouquet is. Hope this helps.
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64bitrobot answered:

I haven't gotten married yet, but I heard you need to jump though some hoops making an item though.

To date, talk to them when you usually wouldn't have a conversation choice.
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64bitrobot answered:

Ah, ok. For instance, when you talk to Melody in the bathhouse from 12-3 you get the choices Came to talk, came for bath, nevermind. Some other girls also have choices like this when you talk to them.

The best time to talk would be in the morning before 9 when they're at home. Just go there knock on the door, go in and ask them.
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