Question from geisha7755

Where can I find a ruby and thick stick?

I can't find a ruby or a thick stick.

geisha7755 provided additional details:

I found the thick stick from the red earth mage and I tried to get the ruby in that area with the rune stone but I never got it there I ended up finding it in a treasure chest in the lava ruins.


mezadril answered:

Thick sticks iv found in the lava ruins on the red earth mages on floor 3
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KimChi_Fantasy answered:

When you go all the way into the Whale Island Cave Depths (first area you go through on Whale island on a non-holiday), right before you exit to the South into the area where Iris's Tower is.. There is a grey stone pedestal next to a stone door. You need to use a Rune Stone in the pedestal. (Stones are made by Candy when you give her the Runeys) You can use any type of stone and you can do this every time you go into the cave.(when you get the opportunity just have Candy make up a few stones to keep on hand.) Just put the stone in the pedestal and the door will open. Inside are 3 chests. The first is a random elemental stone, the second is a random gem stone, and the third is randomly a food item or a pendant.. If you go in and do this a few times you "should" eventually" get a Ruby.. or any other stone you'll eventually need..with no fighting involved! Hope this helped! =)
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swatgaga answered:

You can also get nice leveled jewels on Lava ruins. I have the Golden Hammer and, when I use the special attack on the rocks on BF6 (before the boss), it usually gives me Rubys (lvl 6 or 7) or Aquamarines (lvl 5 or 6).
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brentiano2468 answered:

you can also get rubies off a monster which i belive is called a "Big Mush". you have to befriend it then use the harvester on it every so often for gems and other things.
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Bunnynight answered:

Mucks are good for sapphires and rubies.
If you get one to level two of friendship they will even give you two stones at a clip.
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masskiller949 answered:

KimChi's answer is correct. I did it and I got a ruby on the sixth try cuz I was trying to make a hell branch. Do that and you'll have a ruby in no time.
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loner281 answered:

In Whale Island Cave Depths sometimes you can get a gem, i got a ruby on it.
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64starchild answered:

Some of the treasure chests at snow ruins f3 contain rubies. or you can try gobble boxes.
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mariofan99_ answered:

You can find the ruby at lava ruins by crashing the rocks with a war hammer. The thin stick at green ruins and whale island.
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Phantomhaken answered:

@mariofan99_ This is thick stick not thin stick
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