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Where Do I Find Candy?

I'm on the 20th day of Spring, Candy is in town but I can't find her to get the harvester Anyone know her schedule?

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Master_Mia answered:

Sunny Days:
The Clock Tower
At the Lake beside Mist's house
Cooking in the kitchen in front of her room (Any weather)
Inside Clock Tower
Inside Ganesha's house upstairs with Marco
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gamer141414 answered:

The villagers are at different places depending on the time, weather, and day, so I can't tell you where she is exactly. Candy is usually either in the upstairs room in the forge, her room at the clock tower (furthest right), or at the lake next to Mist's house. At 6-7 PM Candy is at the bathhouse.
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geisha7755 answered:

If you go to the clock tower in the early morning (I think around 7ish) she's in the kitchen area cooking
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RasaiDeaar answered:

She's also good friends with Ganesha's son (can't remember his name). If you can't seem to find her, head to Ganesha's Forge and check upstairs. I found her there a lot.
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sonicravenx answered:

You will also fine candy at the main plaza place were most festivals are at, on the upper right on a broken balcony, sometimes with marco, if not all the time.
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