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Where can I find baleen and blue rose?

So I happy the recipe for the wedding boquet and I have 3 out 5. Where can I find these things?

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InfernoCrossing answered:

Blue Rose: Step 1: Talk to Ganesha to obtain a "White Rose"
Step 2: Place the "White Rose" into the Seed Maker to make "White Rose
Step 3: Plant the seeds anywhere they are able to grow
Step 4: Nurture the plants until they are fully developed
Step 5: Keep looking out for them until they turn into Blue Roses

Baleen: Step 1: Go to the Beach
Step 2: Grab the "Tidal Stone" (or whatever it's called <_<)
Step 3: Go the Whale Island via plant vine in front of the Clock Tower
Step 4: Accept the trade with the Whale
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