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Help on Marrying Rosetta ?

Please help. I have 10 FP, and 8 LP with Rosetta. But i still didn't trigger the event in front of her house. Please help what day and time that i should trigger this.
Also in walkthrough said, that it must give Rosetta Energy Drink X. My question is :
1. I accidently get Energy Drink X at Lava Ruin B3F. Can i use that instead of talking to Lara?
2. Why in the world i should Lara about how to make Energy Drink X but in fact u can learn it by buying at Selphy Library?
3. If in the end i should ask Lara, what is the ingredient of this "Energy Drink X"?
Please help im confused and stress thinking about it

LuMengHunter provided additional details:

Okay, i accidently trigger the event. Im doing right this : skipping "collecting shipment event" at your house (trigger by just wait for Rosetta until 5PM til 5:30 without enter house or leave area), then after skip the event i go to the store and it work. As for Energy Drink X, i think u must not create it since i gave Rosetta the one i get from Lava Ruin and it work. Now i can date Rosetta. My another question is :
1. I heard u must at be 10 LP, and give Wedding Ring to marry. How to make that wedding ring? since its not listed on Selphy books (unless if its on the book after u beat Lava Ruin, cos i still havent beaten Lava Ruin), so what is the ingredient or maybe someone in the village told the ingredient?
2. I dont understand that Runey thingy. Please some1 post here whats ur distribution for your farm.
3. Is the fodder plant must be replanted after winter?
I aprreciate any answer. Thx ^_^

LuMengHunter provided additional details:

1. Thx for the info, i already got the wedding bouquet, and im gonna date her at 19th autumn. Hope it works well so i can propose her woohoo ^_^
2. uh i still dont get it....i never heard about 20th of each season o_O...can you please give some example like how many grass runey (since grass runey is the basic runey of all) that i should put in an area? How exactly the best amount at homestead for make crops grow faster?
3. aw thats suck...anyway i heard at winter all my runeys in my homestead can i do like gather all runey at my homestead, keep it at storage and release all again at spring?
4. its still about runey...i dunno why sometimes my crops become withered grass although its on right season? i have well balanced runey in my home (i think all runey is above 50). So why im still getting withered grass? Is this because of that lame Brodik?
5. Its about Brodik event....the golem have attacked my farm and i almost mad cause almost all white rose wiped out...gladly 5 still survive. Anyway, the golem have attacked, and then i talked to Brodik. Walkthrough says that after that Brodik will challenge me at Green Ruins. My question is how long is the delay between the golem attack to the challenge? Its already pass 3 weeks but still no letter about challenge from Brodik...
6. Where can i get platinum, demon blood, magic talon ?
7. What is the best pet to tame and for accompany me to hunting? Im currently still hasnt beat Lava Ruin (cos i already promised i will not go to Snow Ruin before i married :P) and currently leveling at Whale Island Flank and Tower of something right after Flank...
Thanks anyway for the reply ^_^

LuMengHunter provided additional details:

thanks for the answer, but i still dont get it why i still get withered grass ? That thing is so annoying. Please help what to do to stop spawning withered grass >.<


kirie_reika answered:


1&2 You have to "trigger" events in order to get it to work and for her to come back. You can give her something like that, but the events has to come first like asking lara and her giving you the recipe. It's essentially the same recipe as Selphys. I went to her during sunny week day around 10:00 and she rushed right past me with suitcases. FYI I had better luck asking Lara on a holiday than a regular day to get recipe energy drink S + energy drink S + white grass, but im not sure if that is standard and Rosetta has to say something like dads not getting any better after the second or third week. Can clarify if still confusing.
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kirie_reika answered:

1. yes you do need to be at 10 lp to marry. rosetta loves cherry pie, and easier to make is baked sweet potato. It is not a wedding ring, but a wedding bouquet. Stella gives recipe to bouquet, but not until girl at 10 lp. Ganesha will give rose to you, put in seedmaker to make rose seeds. DO NOT COLLECT roses even after ready to be harvested cause they have to turn blue. just keep watering for 2-3 days after they fully blossom and will be blue next day.
2. runey thing is hard. You get a fresh infusion of runes on the 20th of each month. Save game on 19th and sleep next day, infusion is random. Runeys are related to crop growth. dont make my mistake and let them die, try to keep equal amts in all areas.
3. fodder has to be replanted after winter.
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kirie_reika answered:

1. Congrats!! :)
2.3. 4. I do not get the runeys at all. Mine die out no matter what, the only thing I think works is you have to have an equal amount of runeys in every area. 30 days in every season. Spring, Summer, Fall, etc. A new infusion of runeys appear on the 20th day of the season. They are infuriatingly RANDOM! Save game on 19th day of season, go to sleep and check them at clocktower the next day. if it is not the runeys you need (yes you can save them either in your backpack, or in chest at home) then go back and reload your game until the runeys you need appear the next day. They do not all die out at your homestead at winter but it is a good idea to keep watch on numbers.
5. Brodik has nothing to do with runeys. If you defeat him at ruins, he leaves town for goo. up to you to keep him or not. One morning you should wake up and see Kross pushing a rock around. When the cutscenes of him doing this stop, that is when the letter comes.
6. Ahhh you are going to have to give up the promise and make it to snow ruins. Every item you listed for question 6 can be found there. Scorpion looking things - magic talon Demons on second floor and on - Demon Blood
Rocks on 5, 6th floors in Snow Ruin - Platinum.
7. The best pet would be something with a wide spread attack that you can ride and it has to have high hp. Try an animal from whale island. I do not gather fighting animals, I mostly have a collection of producers and white and black unicorns lol!!!
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kirie_reika answered:

I have never been able to stop withered grass. you might want to check message board to see if anyone else has had any luck in that area.
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