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Asked: 5 years ago

Runies...where'd they go?

Okay so I had like runies everywhere but most of the have vanished now....and my crops take like 2-3 times as long to do I get more runies?

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You might have to wait for the first week of the season. During this time, Runeys generate themselves in all areas.

You can also leave unharvested crops in your fields (or dungeons). This helps Runeys develop, too.

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Runeys will die off in all areas, except your farm, if you don't keep their numbers balanced. I found this out the REALLY hard way by having them all die (except on the farm). There are strategies you can find on the web for creating "Grass Runey Factories", Grass Runeys being the bottom of the food chain and therefore, pretty important to the Runey population. I haven't done one of these "farms", but I have followed the advice of planting my entire field with Fodder and not cutting it (or only as much as I need to feed monsters). That's boosted my Farm population enough that I can skim Runey's off for other areas. It's a SLOW process though, because the Fodder takes awhile to grow until you start getting some areas re-populated. I started the re-population project Spring 1 (yr 2) and I'm mid-summer now and have only 3 areas re-populated. <sigh>

Two areas did spontaeously get 10 Runey's -- one area got Tree Runeys and the other Rock Runeys. But unless you can insert the other types, they'll just die off. If that happens, just go collect them all until you can re-introduce them at the same time as the other varieties.

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all my areas r dead 2..... it affects the white Iris event and i'm stuck on that

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