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How do you marry an Iris?

People say you have to finish the story mode. So do I have to finish the whole game and start over to marry one of them or could I marry them once they move to trampoli?



Mothership1953 answered:

You can marry one of them after they move into Trampoli.
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TheGrinningWolf answered:

They don't move to Trampoli until you beat the story line so in a way you do have to finish the game. Of course, there is plenty you can still do/enjoy/uncover after the main storyline is beaten. The story of the two Iris's is incredible in itself. If you don't want spoilers, don't read any further:

They both move to the tavern where they can live and work at night since they are vampires. Soon, though, they both become ill. The reason is that they are no longer lonely, which is the reason in the first place that they split into two girls. You have to solve their illness for them to become one person again (you get to choose which one to keep but the newly merged version still has the other within her) thus allowing you to marry them/her. So if you had visions of marrying TWO girls vampires at once (like I had! lol ), the game does not allow it! :)

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