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Where can i find platinum?

Where can I find platinum?

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TheGrinningWolf answered:

Platinum is easily found on the lower levels of the Snow Ruins but if you haven't made it into the snow ruins, you can get it randomly from the rocks on the SOUTHEAST-most tower. It will be on the topside of the tower in the grassy areas near a monstor generator that spawns large blue bird monsters. If you cut across from that tower over to the southWEST tower, there are some more rocks there that also randomly give you platinum.

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GyppyGirl2021 answered:

It's hard to find, but I've had some success with finding platinum on the third floor of the Snow Ruins, east of the ice ramp near the boss. I think that requires completing most of the main storyline, though (since you can't get up that ice ramp unless you get the event with Candy and Marco in the hole).
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crystalsouls answered:

You can find platinum on the Second Floor of the Snow ruins as well. Though most of the rocks on this floor are gold, there is one set of 3 or 4 rocks that are platinum. These are found between the entrance room and the stairs to floor 3. its in a room with a gate that spawns 2 shadow panthers. Alot of the time you'll only get scrap ore, but it is the earliest and easiest place I've found to get platinum.
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wafflegenius answered:

To get platinum easier you should upgrade your hammer to gold and use a charged shot on all the rocks. This increases your chances of getting rarer metals like silver in Green Ruins and so on.
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