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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find a thick stick?

Kanno asked me to get him a thick stick but I only got the green ruins and whale Island.

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From: Mavick7 5 years ago

No grinning wolf im sorry but that is wrong the soonest you can get them is in the lava ruins as soon as you start to see the little mages try to kill them as fast as you can they have a stunning spell and they will drop quality cloth crystals and thick sticks there is a drop rate so i suggest going as frequint as you can.

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The soonest you can get one is from the red minotaurs on the fourth floor of the lava ruins.


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Step 1: to beat te big chicken: Beat the big fat chicken with the fire rod and dodge his/her attacks then get all the items that they drop....Step 2!how to obtain a tree rune:get 10 tree runeys then wish a tree runey from Candy.then put the tree runey in the tree in front of the lava ruins..step 3:go in the lava ruins then run through the short cutin the middle then skip to the lava bf3 then findthe red mages then beat them or blow them up when there is
a bomb near u then get the thick thick then give it to kanno done!!! ps im a girl

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