Question from hachirokumaster

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get the lava ruins to open up?

I beaten the green ruins but the tree doesn't have the hole yet for the runey. Oh and the season is autumn right now.


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From: lchirou 5 years ago

Make sure that the tree (looks like a beanstalk at first though haha) isn't a small sprout and that it has grown. I am unsure why it's still not working for you but here's how I did it:

Before I even beat the boss in green ruins, the tree by Lava Ruins was already full grown, but it had no hole in it for a tree runey.

After I beat the big winged chicken boss, I ran to Mountain Road and saw that the tree was still full grown, no hole. You have to wait until the next day until the hole appears. Once it does talk to Candy and gather 10 Tree Runeys to make a Tree Rune Stone. Walk back to MR and place the Rune Stone in there then wait a day. When you go by to see the Tree again Raguna will pop up and comment on how it grown a lot.

I think if possible, try beating the chicken boss again ~

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How long has it been since you beat the Green Ruins? I think it just opens with time, keep checking for the runey hole, and good luck!

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Try putting a tree rune in the tree i put on in the tree and it opened the next time it rained gl

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The tree has to be about the size of your character for the hole to appear

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I can't remember which faq I read this in, but i know it was on IGN, but to open the lava ruins you must defest the greens ruin boss and also meet Iris before it will open.

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To open up the Lava Ruins:
1) You must have defeated the green ruins boss
2) Outside the Entrance there is a sapling that grows into a tree. After defeating the Green Ruins boss in a couple weeks of game time it should become a small tree with a hole in it.
3) Once that happens go to Candy and get a tree rune stone.
4) Then put that stone inside the hole in the tree.

That's it you should now have the Lava Ruins open! Hoped this helps! :)

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Even if the tree doesnt have the hole in it yet put the tree runey in front of it then the next day the tree must have to whole so put the tree runey in it nd you can go in.

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Put a tree runey into the tree once it is grown and has a hole in it and over time it will open up.

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