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Asked: 4 years ago

How can I make alot of any type of runyes fast?

Just wonderin'

Additional details - 4 years ago

Well if i leave the grass there,wouldn't it just wither away?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Lol o,well i have alot of areas black,liek 5,and usually two are green,my house and sometimes teh lake or somethgn,so how can i fix that problem fast?

Additional details - 4 years ago

lol that grass facory one,is it for making awter runeys or grass runeys?And like teres imes when a whole bunch of runeys just come to and area and like when i put liek 4 or 3 of all types of runeys to settel it out,they all just like die a while after.Do i really have to pay attention to the distrubution thing all the time?.
And theres sometimes when i look on videos online and the person has like 99 runes in there storage and in hand,how do i get that many?and if so,how long?

Accepted Answer

From: 64starchild 4 years ago

Grow a lot of grass in your field. the field in homestead. right after it's grown (five days) for every 3X3 ready to be cut, there will be one random runey that'll appear on homestead. You don't even need to water the grass, as harvest-able crop doesn't need to be watered.

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No, because you if you have at least all areas green (check on runey distribution map) crops will grow according to what they are. the only way they wither is if one or more area's are black.

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Just gather up runeys from homestead and distribute them to the black areas. Homestead reacts differently then other areas, because it keeps on making runeys. Then once at least all areas are green, you will be able to make lots of runeys, and just keep distributing them to places that needed.

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Just get 50 different runeys, and distribute 2 of each runey. I also suggest making one area a grass factory, where you put a lot of water and a few grass runeys. this will make about 25 runeys per day. but don't forget to put more water runeys after a while.

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U get grass runeys. you don't have to check the distribution every day, maybe like every other day. the person must have taken some time to get it, or they used the cheat. however, the cheat makes it so u cannot enter dungeons anymore, so use at ur own cost. I have 99 within all runeys (except grass) in my storage. it doesn't take very long. the tree by your barn seems like that's where a lot of runeys gather. just look up into the sky for 5 secs game time, look back down, use the harvester.

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