Question from Marcinmike

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find (the Scriptures)?

Sephy has them but won't give them to me. She says be patient but after several days she doesn't even mention them

Accepted Answer

From: Boldrin 5 years ago

To continue this, you need to get her to at least 6 LP, which will start triggering her "Cleaning" Phase. She'll clean the Rune Archives, which will allow her to have "searched" for the Scriptures. She'll of course tell you she doesn't have them, and left it at the Bath House. Go talk to Melody about it, and she'll tell you that she'll allow you to enter the Women's side of the bath house when it is both Raining, and a Holiday (not a Festival). To make it easy on yourself, on a Friday, ask for a "Rainy Week" from Candy, and then the next day go see Melody at normal bath hours.

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