Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
About Minerva ? 1
Affection levels? 1
Animals working for you? 2
Best Way To Spawn Runeys? 1
Bianca's treasure hunt---how do I start and am I too late? 1
Bianca's treasure hunt? 1
Biancas note hunt? 2
Brodik Events??(contains some Spoilers) 1
Can't find Eunice? 2
Crystal seeds? 2
Door on whale island? 3
Gain entrance to Lava Ruins? 2
Gift level and monster friendship? 4
Green Ruins? 1
Harassing Anette? 2
Help? 4
How do I befriend Kross? 2
How do I find constellations? 2
How do I get down to the second floor of snow ruins? 2
How do I get rid of those rocks in the Green Ruins? 1
How do i get teh sumer temple open? 1
How do I get the lava ruins to open up? 8
How do I get the recipe for energy drink x from lara??? 3
How do I get to the bottom of the green ruins? 2
How do I give Selphy the bamboo rice for her request? 1
How do I lvl up lara's love/friendship points? 1
How do I make a grass farm? 1
How do I make Brodik stop ruining my field? 2
How do I Marry Mist? 1
How do I meet Gelwein? 2
How do I open the door INSIDE the cave of whale island? 1
How do I open the door near the silver wolves? 1
How do I solve (mist disapperance)? 2
How do I solve (snow ruins)? 1
How do I solve the boulder that shines in Whale Island flank? 1
How do I solve The large Coconut Tree on whale Island? 2
How do IGet the girls to sing? 2
How do u marry Annett? 1
How do you make Bianca and Tabatha stay forever? 1
How do you make the wedding thing? 1
How do you raise Iris's Love Points? 8
How I make the materia shop open? 1
I saved Norie,but how do i like make that shorcut thing to go into the boss room again? 1
Impossible to beat Danny in Ganesha Cup? 10
Impossible to grow Moondrops ???? 4
Iris + Iris? 2
Iris at the beach? 1
Iris? 1
Is it to late or is there still a glimmer of hope? 4
Is there any boss in whale island?? 10
Kanno and his weird errands? 1
Kannos quest items spoilers please? 1
Lava Ruins? 1
LP with Uzuki? 4
Meeting Iris Noir? 1
Prosperous Runeys? 1
Save Whale Island? 1
Shortcut to Whale Island Fin? 1
The gate in the South District? 3
Usuki? 1
Uzuki first meeting event? 1
Uzuki's key? 2
What do I do with the big rock by the library? 1
What does the purple elephant in the barn do? 9
Whats with when u get hurt after a bath house scene? 3
Where do I find(farm copanion)? 1
Where is the little sapling to grow to get into the lava ruins? What does it look like? 1
Where To Find Uzuki Brother..? 1
Which boss do I defeat first? Spoiler Maybe??? 2
Why is Antte is always being chase by monster..? 3

Item Location Help Answers
Ancient Relic dissapeard from my inventory after I looted it? 1
Are there any recipes that use the four leaf clover other than the critical 7? 1
Best place to mine for gold? 3
Bigger house? 2
Books and Ice Cream? 2
Books? 3
Butter? 1
Can anyone explain to me about mining/ getting ores ? 1
Can I avoid switching the swimsuits? 1
Can I make seeds from (Golden Turnip)? 2
Can you make Magic Crystal? 2
Can you mine in dungions with the cheap hammer? 4
Can't get the beginning cooking book from Selphy? 2
Double bed not for sale..? 1
Fairy dust? 3
Finding Little crystals? 1
Forge help? 1
Formula C? 2
Fruit on the tree? 1
Fur.? 3
Getting gold? 4
Girl's and Accesories? 1
Girls Wearing Accessories? 1
Golden turnip seeds not growing in caves? 2
HELP WANTED <<How do make a chocolate cake? 2
Help with tools? 5
High level crystals and gems? 2
How and where do i get a blender? 2
How can I forge with three items? 1
How can I make alot of any type of runyes fast? 5
How can i make grass juice? 1
How can I make jam? 2
How can i turn feed into food for monsters? 3
How do i "get" the items to make a wedding boquet thing?(and i want all of them please)? 1
How do I block or guard against an attack? 2
How do I get Magic Talon? 2
How do I get onigiri? 1
How do I get the (double bed) from Lute? 1
How do i get the Golden turnip? (spoilers) 1
How do i get the ice staff? 1
How do I get the recipe for the wedding bouquet? 1
How do I give swimsuits to girls? 2
How do I grow Pink Cat flowers? 1
How do i make a mountain ax? 1
How do I make a tart? 1
How do I make bamboo rice? 1
How do I make Ice Cream? 1
How do i make relax tea? 1
How do I make sandwiches? 1
How do I upgrade my house to build a Great Forge? 1
How do you give a gift to someone? 1
How do you level up your Crops? 1
How do you put stuff in the toy box? 1
How do you read a book (Farm Companion)? 1
How does level up effect rp use? 6
How I harvest wooly, buffamoo, clucky?? 2
How many wands & rods are there?? 1
How to buy old receipes book before Selphy upgrades her store? 1
How to obtain Mist's Crystal Flower? 2
How to use magic?? 1
How to use/plant fodder...? 1
I can't find silver anywhere? Please help 5
I can't get the stupid scriptures out of the stupid bath house!? 1
I cant find a forging book!?! 1
I need to get wedding bonqet for Melody please help? 2
If you run out of White Rose,will Ganesha give you another if you ask out another girl? 3
Is there a specific place i can get red grass and probably alot of it,im kinda low...? 2
Is there a way to get larger storage areas? 2
Is there a way to get oatmeal besides making it in a pot? 1
Items for the wedding bouquet recipe? 1
Lava ruin? 2
Like where do you find milk gruel?Liek for tabatha? 1
Little Crystals? 2
Magic crystle? 1
Magic Rod? 1
Magic Staff? 2
Mist at 10 LP, no wedding bouquet recipe!? 2
Monster? 2
More item help? 2
More paintings? 2
Obtaining Iron? 1
Pot & blender? 1
Relax Tea - how to create it exactly? 1
Snapper spot? 2
Snapper? 1
Trouble with upgrading, don't have a cheap (item) to use? 3
Upgrading My Hammer? 2
Upgrading seeds? 1
Watering can? 4
Weapons and armor? 1
What did kanno need for his experiment?? 2
What do I feed the duck in the pond next to Mist's house? 1
When does selphy start selling the Final series of cook books? 2
Where a good place to collect lumber with a cheap axe? 4
Where and when can I meet Iris Blanche/Noire? 1
Where can I (easily) find Green Grass? 1
Where can I find "cat tail"? 7
Where can I find (apple)? 1
Where can I find (axe)? 2
Where can I find (Demon's Blood)? 1
Where can I find (diamond,gold, little crystal and platinum)? 5
Where can I find (Glittering Edge)? 1
Where can I find (Grass Seeds)? 1
Where can I find (high level items)? 2
Where can I find (Lamp Grass)? 1
Where can I find (Little Crystal)? 2
Where can I find (oven)? 1
Where can I find (RedCore and Little Crystal)? 2
Where can I find (sickle and fishing pole)? 4
Where can I find (the Scriptures)? 1
Where can I find a fish fossil? 1
Where can I find a harvester? 4
Where can I find a monster that can gather lumber? 1
Where can I find a thick stick? 3
Where can I find an Amethyst?? 1
Where can I find aquamarine and amethyst? 1
Where can I find baleen and blue rose? 1
Where can I find Bavarois? 2
Where can I find copper,silver and so on? 1
Where can I find Emerald? 3
Where can I find fishing rod?? 2
Where can I find Gold?? 10
Where can I find iron, scrap iron, silver, gold?? 1
Where can I find iron? 2
Where can I find jewels? 2
Where can I find Lover Snapper? 2
Where can I find Lv10 Magic Crystals? 1
Where can I find milker or sheers? 3
Where can I find more recipe books? 1
Where can i find platinum? 4
Where can I find rice? 1
Where can I find Silver and a dragon? 1
Where can I find silver, gold, and platnuim? 1
Where can I find Snapper? 2
Where can I find the brush? 1
Where can I find the Hammer ? 2
Where can I find thick stick? 1
Where can I find this HARD item? 1
Where can I find Water Crystal? 1
Where can I find wedding boquoet? 1
Where can I find white grass? 4
Where can I find wine? 1
Where can I find yams and chocolate? 1
Where can I find yarn maker? 1
Where can I get lots of money? 3
Where can I get warrior symbol? 1
Where can I mine aquamarine? 1
Where can I read the books I bought from Selpy? 1
Where do I get an Apple? 2
Where do I get the escape spell? 1
Where do you get bombs? 1
Where i can get milker/shearer? 2
Which axe do you need in order to chop tree stumps? 1
Which weapon is the best? 1
Why are items listed twice on my farm tool forge list? 1
Why Can't I do a power hit by holding down b and pressing A? 1
Why wont my Buffamoo or wooly give me any thing?!?! 2

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Anette? 6
Annette, Rossetta, Mist, or Tabatha? 11
Balance the runeys ? 2
Bathhouse scenes? 5
Bianca? 2
Big Iris problem? 1
Brodick knock on my door (1 time) ? 1
Brodik events? 1
Brodrik? 2
Can I encounter Uzuki after spring? 1
Can you date the same maiden twice? 2
Can you still see all the girls events(fill the memories section) after marrying one? 2
Can't seem to trigger the Candy and Marco doll-in-the-hole sequence?? 2
Does anyone knows is if true the gate on whale island fin only opens during spring or summer? 1
Does it mater which one I choose when i see mist? 1
Does marrying each maiden give you a certain benefit? 1
Erik? 1
Favorite Gifts? 1
Gelwein Glitch? 1
Help with the Whale island rune arc??? 2
Heroines? 4
How can I find out about constellations? 2
How can I put the whale Island to the ocean? 1
How do i continue on to 2nd generation? 1
How do I find Uzuki again? 2
How do I get Annet to marry me? 2
How do I get to the observatory? 2
How do i get uzuki`s bug tsubate back?? HELP!!!!! 2
How do I go in the tower on Whale Island Fin? 3
How do you get a barn? 1
How do you respond to letters? 1
How many years do you get? 1
How much runey that i need to distribute ? 2
How to get Anette to teach marco and candy? 1
How will I get to the whale islandon a holliday? 2
Iris Blanche vs Iris Noire? (Spoiler, Maybe?) 2
Iris Noire Snow Ruins What? 1
Is it possible to dig up gold? 2
Is there a maximum amount of time you can play? 1
Is this a sequel to Rune Factory 1? 1
Kross moves the rock? 2
Meeting Uzuki on a holiday? 1
New Beanstalk? (Maybe minor plot spoilers) 3
Rosetta still doesn't come back? 1
Rosseta not leave??????/ 4
Runney is missing !? 1
Second Rosetta and Danny event? 1
What are all Anette's heart events? 1
What are the ins and outs of characters moving in and out of town? 2
what can I do to help annete? 1
What do I do in the pumpkin festival? 2
What does my FP level need to be for Cinnamon to tell me about constellations? 1
What else dose teh baby do it already follows me around ? 1
What happens or what do i do after i defeat the boss chicken in the green ruins? 1
when do the Irises move to town? 1
When is the coming of age festival? (Spoilers) 3
When will I recive a letter From brodik?? 1
When will Rosetta come back (spoilers)? 3
Where can i find quality fur? 1
Where can I find the girls during the day? 2
Where did Brodrik go? 1
Who is that girl in front of Mist's house? 1
Why are the characters in Trempoli? 1
Why can i still not meet iris? 5
Why didn't the stupid whale give me the baleen?? 4
Will it be a "game over" if we don't get married in the first year ? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Anette and Melody....I have Questions about both of them.? 2
Any tips for making money quickly? 1
Armor for snow ruins? 2
Beat Lava Boss? 1
Best cooking recipe? 2
Can i have two monsters work on harvesting crops at the same time? 2
Cinnamon and Candy haven't move in? 3
Do bath scenes grant LP/FP? 1
Does Runey ing ever stop? 1
Does shipping certain items raise/lower Rosetta's affection? 3
Does the area in prosperity bonus to crop growth rates effect dungeon crops too? 2
Easy lab lvl up? 1
Getting cinnamon? 4
Greenifier and Emery flowers? 3
How do i ask a girl to date/marry me? 3
How do i get my crops to stop dying and grow faster!? 2
How do I get my monsters to assist in farm work? 6
How do i raise Eunice's LP faster? 1
How do trigger Eunice's Lottery Event? 2
How long does it take to beat Whale Island cave? 4
How many gifts should you give each day? 2
How to get to Floating Chamber? 1
I need help with my Runey Distribution?!!! 1
Marriage Strategy? 4
Money? 3
Most of my Runeys are dead. How do I fix this? 1
Question about grass factories? 1
Recipes for cooking? 1
Roasted Yam Day? 2
Runey Distribution Help? 1
Runey Prosperity? 1
Runey? 2
Should I grow Emery Flowers? 1
Turnip in 4 days to harvest but it take 16 days, why? 2
What are the different seasons for the different dungeons? 1
What are the rules that govern wild spawns? 2
What is the best strategy for (lava boss)? 1
What is the best strategy for (Prosperity)? 2
What is the best strategy for getting runeys back for red areas? 1
What is the best strategy for making all runeys that aren't grass ones? 2
What is the best strategy for preparing to enter/beat the Snow Ruins to advance the main story line? 3
What is the best strategy for raising Lp REALLY fast like 1 heart a week for melody?1 2
What is the best strategy for snow ruins?Its really killing me!!! 1
What is the best way to train crafting? 6
What is the best ways to get annete to like u? 2
What is the friendship cap with my monsters? 2
What level and what tools should I use for the Lava Ruins? 1
Whats the fastest way to get lots of money? 1
Where should I train at Level 30? 1
Who sells more stuff when my friendship level with them increases? 2
Why can'r I brush a Unicorn-looking monster? 1

Other Help Answers
About Anette running mail? 1
After beating snow ruins? 1
After brodik leaves,does he still message you or talk or vist? lol 1
After you take a maiden on a date do you have to wait before you marry them? 1
Anette, Melody, or Iris?? 1
Anyone else get a letter from the mysterious Pen Pal, Tart? 3
Best monster to fight with? 1
Bianca??? 2
Big fluffy chick? 1
Blender? 1
Brodik? 1
Can 2+ Rune Wonders be active at the same time? 1
Can anybody help me? I have money problems. (among other things) 1
Can anyone help me with my Runey problem? 2
Can I add another room in the second floor? 1
Can I assigned more than one pet for the same job? 1
Can I get divorce? 2
Can i have multiple wives?? 6
Can iris go on in the boat race? 1
Can Iris or does Iris participate in any fesivities that happen? 2
Can you knock on a person's door with the classic controller? 1
Can you make runeys? 1
Can you take your child into a dungeon? 2
Can't find Bianca in the villa!? 2
Candy and Cinnamon moving in? 4
Children? 1
Cinnamon's affection? 1
Danny's store? 1
Did they ever tell you how/why Whale island was created? 3
Do I have to water crops that can be harvested? 1
Do the pets that water, water everything? 1
Do you have to keep making kanno liek you mroe and more in order for him to keep asking you for stuff? 1
Do your fields clear out at the enng of winter? 3
Does anyone know where to find pictures of the potential children? 1
Does Kanno tell you about Cinnamon and andy if its raining? 1
Does the level of an item change the amount of LP/FP the receiver gets? 2
Dungeon seasno? 1
Easy Way To Keep Feilds Clean??? 1
Elefun not very fun ? 1
Emergency help with runeys! Can anyone help me please? 1
Eunice? 1
Finding Anette? 3
Forge level? 1
Future Changes? 1
Gave tide cluster to Whale but wasnt offered a trade for Baleen- what should i do? 2
Getting Eunice on a diet? 2
Girls? 1
Has the reason why the clock tower wasnt working ever been like put out? 1
Heart events? 1
Helping hand Monsters vs. tree stumps and larger rocks? 1
How can I ask a girl out at the boat race? 1
How can i get melody and lara to join the magic classes? 1
How can I get past snow ruins b2? 2
How can I unlock other festivals? 1
How do i buy books? (farm master forging book) 1
How do I get Cinnamon to love me? 1
How do i get past lava ruins B5F? 2
How do I get Tabatha in the village? 2
How do i get the gates to open on Whale Island? 1
How do i get the graveyard shortcut into snow ruins? 1
How do I get the items my monsters harvest/collect? 1
How do I get White Iris to show up? 1
How do I have a son? 1
How do I know if I have finished all of the prerequisite events for my woman? 1
How do I Level Up my monsters? 2
How do I upgrade tools? 5
How do i use special attack?? 1
How do you meet the last three empty spaces? (Spoilers?) 1
How do you raise the LP of the 12 maidens? 1
How long does it take for Eunice to get skinny? 1
How long does it take your child to grow up? 1
How many Beanstalks are there? 2
How much does a girl have to like me to give her a swimsuit? 1
How to make cake ? 1
I can't find the Irises? 1
I can't get my RP to go up when I use an RP item like Boiled Eggs. Help? 2
I can't grow the moondrop flowers on whale island? 2
I missed Anettes heart even how is that possible and how can i fix it?! 1
If you do a constellation event,can u do it again the next time the oncstellation comes? 1
In the picture of mist in a bikini why does she look different at my game? 1
Iris likes tomato juice, right? 1
Is it too late to plant the flowers? 1
Is Kross a ghost? 1
Is kross around (during the second brodik challange)? 1
Is petting my pets required to maintain happyness, or is it just an option? 1
Is runey affecting pplant in the dungeon? 4
Is there a baby in this game? 1
Is there a bonnus FP for my monster if i grow fodder level 2 or more?? 1
Is there barn upgrade available? 3
Is this game any good? 3
Is this game as good as or even better? 1
Is this one better than the first? 1
It says that at 8 hearts, Bianca's pet will go on a rampage and it will be sent off,How come that hasnt happend yet? 1
Kross has a prior engagement? 1
Little Islands? 1
Lost relic? 1
Love Level? 1
Lower prices ? 1
Lumber? 1
Marco? 1
Marriage movies? 1
Marrying Eunice? 1
Meteors? 1
Missing with the Sakura? 1
Mist has a slit on her forhead on the picture,is that what my cousin says her "third eye"? 2
Monster Produce? 2
Mr. Dog and Gelwein? 1
My plants don't grow on schedule!? 1
My probs. with kross and brodik are over, hes slain! LOL,but now i have a money problem? 1
NO matter how many times i feed and brush my monsters,they still dont liek me.Why is there happy thign still very low? 2
OK now lisen befor I get a badillion wrong answers..Is there a place where I can get Tomato juice wihtout making it?? 1
Ok this is random.....btu why does iris have two diffrent eye colors? 1
OK ummm.......Is Gelwin a Girl or a Boy? 1
Opening FMV song name? 1
Power Dream? 1
Purify the poison puddles? 1
Quiz contest Event ( Kanno & Candy ) - Winter - ? 3
Rainbow? 1
RF1 was fun, RF2 is a step up.... is this a step up also? 4
Rosetta, Cinnamon or Mist? 1
RP max out? 1
Runey Distribution? 1
Runey help pleaseeeeee!!!!??? 1
Runeys Map? 1
Selphy or Cinnamon? 24
Selphy will she continue messing up the library and cleaning it up again? 1
Should I get this one or Tides of destiny? 1
So is this a remake? 2
Spoiler Posssible.. DId I mess up the Marrying Enice??? 1
Still Memories? How do I get them??? 1
Strawberry story? 1
The fruit trees? 2
The game mentions other places, but must i know the other games to knwo what they are? 1
The mysterious gate on whale island? 1
Tomato Juice? 1
Tree of lava ruins? 3
Trouble with Rosetta's 2LP Event? 2
Ummm,My wife is cinnamon, and liek i was wonderingr,would i be able to sleep in her bed back clock tower if i wanted to? 1
Uzuki meet event? 1
Whale island crops? (minor spoilers) 1
Whale Island plus Lake??? 1
What are for the animals in the barn? 1
What are melody's heart events?? 1
What axe and what hammer destroy dark gray rocks and tree stumps? 3
What can I do for my farm? 2
What do I have to do to get Selphey to clean the library? 2
What does dieting Eunice like? 1
What does Kross like? 1
What does Tabatha like for a gift? 1
What excatly mini or micro dragon do? 1
What is a Green Factory? 1
What is Milk Gruel? read FAQ but cant find in cookbook 1
What is Mist doing? 1
What is selphi's favorite food? 1
What is that squeaking noise when I leave my house in the summer? 2
What is that white orb? 1
What is the apple sign under the RP bar? 1
What is this? 3
What monsters can I ride? 1
What time is the date? 2
What will happen if all the runeys gone?? 2
What's going on with the ghost? 7
When is the release date and how much will it cost? 8
When will Rita's pregnancy event be triggerd? 1
Where are the better fishing spots? 1
Where can I find a Tyrfing? 1
Where Do I Find Candy? 5
Where do Kross push the rock? 1
Where does brodik go? 5
Where does Marco go after fights with his mom? 1
Where i can get baleen and blue rose to make a weeding boquet ? 2
Where is Laga Springs and Melody? 1
Where is Lute? 3
Where is micro dragon? 2
Why are my crops dying? 2
Why can't I get the scenarios to start? 2
Why do my plants dry up ?! 1
Why does cooking take up energy? 1
Why I can't Brush a Mini Dragon? 1
Why is the gate blocked off so we can't leave?I mean how do we exit teh village?Anyways why is it blocked off? 1
Why is there a red ox liek monster in the opening?Is that monster an inportance? 1
Will that slot ever be filled? 1
Will the clock tower ever work? 1
Will this game feature a tutorial for people who have never played this type of game before? 4
Will this game make me dizzy? 1
Young Stella? 1

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