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Online freezing before matches?

I finally got The Conduit, having waiting until the 10th for it to come out over in england, and I've done the single player quite quickly. Now I want to try the online play.

The problem is that 9/10 times the game will freeze whilst 'authenticating' the other players that I'm with, and the only time that it HAS let me into a game, I had the spawn glitch and I was stuck in a wall. I want to play The Conduit online, and I've heard that I might need my Wii cleaning.

Now, I don't know a thing about cleaning my Wii, so I'm afraid to open it up, yet at the same time, I don't know if I can send it to Nintendo, and even if I can, I don't know if I'll get it back

Can anybody give me any advice?

geezer_guy provided additional details:

No, the disk is perfectly new, so it can't be that it's dirty. The campaign works fine, it's just online.

I actually bought my Wii from my older brother, who didn't use it and I hardly think he took care of it. It's entirely possible that it's something to do with that.


Jeebusaurus_Rex answered:

No no no. You dont have to clean your Wii. Just the disk. I did this and I havent encountered the glitch since:

1. Take a cotton ball (or some lint free cleaning cloth) dab it in some water.
2. Clean the back of the disk (the non labeled side) with it (make sure the towel/cotton ball isn't FULL of water. Just a bit wet. And make sure ur not using anything else but water.) Avoiding the rim of the disk.

3. Allow the disk to Air Dry, once it is completely dry, re-insert the disk into the Wii. And play the disk.

This guide was by Nintendo actually. But, I just put it in my own words :)
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metroidblaster answered:

It's probably your internet connection.
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Striker549 answered:

It's most likely your internet connection. You need a fairly fast connection, sorry DSL users, it's time to upgrade.
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scc112358 answered:

It's your internet connection, most likely
if it's only freezing during online play then your connection is getting dropped, and the getting stuck in a wall was just bad luck, it happens to everyone
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CostaRicAndujar answered:

Same here but i dont relly care
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miyuandfay answered:

If an online match spawned you in a wall, you probably started the match past a certain "spectator point" in which the game will only let you watch until the match is over. This has happened to me before. I think the game just encountered a glitch due to your connection (the Wii's fatal flaw...). If this happens again, just wait until the round is over and play in the next one.
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Spencwa122797 answered:

Easy keep your remote pointed at the screen at all times. Its worked for me countless of times.
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Averyminya answered:

Spawn glitch
two ways to fix (kind of)

Mash A and 1
Make sure the cursor is on the screen when the match is loading and keep it there
Internet connection has nothing to do with it, as does the disk.
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TakiK1993 answered:

It's a spawn glitch. It's the game developers' fault, not the system's or the disc's for being dirty. Just faulty programming.
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