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Asked: 5 years ago

Do u need 4.00 firmware to play this.. does this game force a wii system update??

I want to know if this game needs 4.00u firmware to work..does this game force an update. please answer im about to buy the game but i need this question answered.

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Not terribly sure about the 4.0 firmware but when I put my copy in my wii had to update...twice.

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Well I aleady had 4.0 before and it didnt ask for me to update so I guess so.

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I don't have 4.0 firmware and i can play this

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The game does do a forced update if your firmware is not up to date. If you didn't worry about homebrew you would have no reason to worry about what firmware version a game needs so you can actually enjoy the games..

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Im on 4.0, and it made me update.

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You'll get a wii system update because yesterday nintendo made the new menu security version unless, you already updated it.

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If u have HBC delete it (keep all ur data from it stored somewhere on ur computer) update, then re-install, just to be safe.

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All Wii gsmes force an update if they had been made when an new update was created.

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