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Are hacks funner or glitches funner? 0
Can you help me with this hacking problem? 0
Can someone help explain the friend adding process? 3
Do u need 4.00 firmware to play this.. does this game force a wii system update?? 8
Does any one else experience this multiplayer problem??? 4
friend codeS? 11
Has anyone had trouble with the secrets achievement? 1
Health? 2
How are people rapid-firing w/ a rocket launcher online? 5
how do i enable the Wii speak in multiplayer? 2
How do i give freind code online? 1
How do i upgrade my online rank ? 2
How do you talk ? 1
Is this game worth buying? 3
Symbols?? 2
where Can i find maps telling me where all secret messages and dics? 1
Are there offline multiplayer bots? 1
Can i change my name? 3
Can the Classic controller work with this game? 1
Can you add people to your friends just by clicking on their username? 3
Can you kill your teammates online? 3
Can you pistol whip enemies? 2
Can you talk to everyone on your team in multiplayer and talk to the 6 people closest to you in DM? 1
Changing sides?? 3
Classic / Gamecube controller ??? 1
Does the game autosave at checkpoints? 4
Does this game use the Wii Zapper? 3
How do I host a game? 1
How do you get in the wall on the Pentagon map? 2
How do you kick somebody? 2
How many and what weapons/accessories are available in the Conduit? 4
How many characters can fit into a name online? 1
How many hours will 1 player last? 6
How to do you unlock the cheats in the Exrtras menu? 2
If I choose to repeat a successed mission...? 1
If I quit out in the middle of an online match will I keep the experience I earned in that match? 1
Iist of enemies in the game? 3
Is it worth buying a mic? 1
Is the campaign splitscreen multiplayer? 5
Is there a multiplayer splitscreen? 2
Is there a way to play what would be the online, but against computers? 2
Is There Any Specific Item I Need To Play This Game? 5
Is there downloadable content for this game? 3
Is there going to be any vehicals? 7
Is this game worth it? 4
Is this what became of timesplitters 4? 1
Muteing and unmuteing players? 1
Prometheus? 1
Snipe? 8
The character roster? 2
The game case? 1
What are the improvments in the trust suit? 3
What are the online ranks? 2
What happens when you collect all 10 trust Data Disks? 1
What happens when you find all the Hidden Messages? 1
What is better Wii Zapper or Perfect Shot Pistol? 2
What is the thing about EXP%? 1
What is with the automatic rocket luanchers on multiplayer?! 1
What is with the automatic TPC launchers!? 6
What's the differents between special edition and normal edition? 3
What's with the crazy score! Is this a hackers work? 1
Who is the Voice of Promethus? 1
Wii Speak Availability?! 1

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