Question from JohnnyQuest666

Has anyone solved the mystery of the AstroCity alien ruins?

The clues are vague:
1st: Island, 2nd: Plateau, 3rd: Statue, 4th: Mushroom.

But the mission is to search AstroCity, and I haven't seen any of these items there. Has anyone solved this, or even figured out what the clues refer to? Thanks!


tmicjunior answered:

it is located in northern astrocity, off the path: looks like an octopus in the ground has 4 circles out in front: you have to choose them in order. first is the "c" then the "7" then the "big circle with 2 circles like ears on it" then the "g" Good luck, hope this makes sense
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toren_l answered:

The order is 3, 1, 2, 4.
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seximamaof4 answered:

The island is a shrek looking head one,plateau is half circle with dot inside,statue is 7 looking one and the last one in a swirl looking one.
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