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Asked: 4 years ago

where do I find the item for the quest archaic relics-2?

Gantz says to look in the skywalk that fell into the ocean, which I assume is the verct skywalk, but I can find anything related to the quest there. I also tried the one in antrax and the imaginal skywalks. nothing.

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I don't think so, all i'm finding there are Cu-Sith,

Additional details - 4 years ago

NVM I found it, it was on the third floor, west of the elevator.

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Wasn't this....I believe you have to go do the quest with the mysterious box that tells you to go to two different places, then you find a hidden village in the very first area you started in. After that the Kopin gets a new ability, which you take to the Verct Skywalk (in Antrax) and make a bridge (Where you see a ball of glowing ray near the entrance of the dungeon). You can do another quest at the exact same time (Deathscythe i think...) and the item is in a pile directly to the left of the encounter (if memory serves me right).

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